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Hello, we captured some unusual photographs while using my digital camera, unfortiantly we cant up-load the images so we will try to explain them to you,
All of the pictures have a reddy/orange haze, there is a mist around us that on each photo seems to get closer and closer untill the final picture where our faces look deformed and you can almost make out a strange looking face which looks evil? we then captured another photo by accident as my camera was playing up - or was it? as its working absolutly fine now?
there appears to be a very clear image of what looks like an evil girl figure slumped/sitting in the corner of the room, in the left hand corner of the photo was both mine and my sisters first initials which is L L, one in red, another in blue? between us we do have paranormal goings on which we cant quite figure out explanations? could you give us your feedback on this? many thanks, hope to hear from you very soon.

Cameras are designed to capture visible light.  If they caught other things, your photos would look weird when you printed them out.  So, if your eyes cannot see it, your camera cannot capture it.

This is not to say that the film, or digital media, cannot be directly tampered with, of course, but when that happens, what appears in the picture was no more actually there than it would be if you photoshopped it.

So, when actual entities do tamper with film, they are not where they appear to be in the photo, and they're not doing what they appear to be doing.  They were inside your CAMERA, not out there standing next to whoever you photographed.  Do you see what I mean?

There are a great many things that can cause artifacts in photos, including fog, condensation, cold or warm temperatures, radiation, water droplets, snow, insects...the list goes on and on.  I recommend looking up a list of common artifacts, and comparing the with your photos, first.

Humans are hardwired to see faces, and we'll see them in random collections of shapes.  If you ever go into a cave, you'll see faces all over the place, but they're just random formations of minerals on the walls...they're not really faces.

Go back to the location where you took the photo, and check to see what's there.  Then play with the camera, and see if you can reproduce the effect.  One of the more common ways to add a strange figure or blurred thing to a digital photo is with a camera strap or bit of clothing that gets briefly in the way of the lens.

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