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6 years ago I married a man who turned out to be at best a narccist at worst a pychopath. One month after our marriage we took custody of his newborn granddaughter Kaylee. Her mom was a meth addict. I became Kaylee's mom in every way possible, I have 4 grown children and there was no difference in how I loved her. She was my little girl and I was her mommy, with all the unspoken promises that go with that. When she was 3 she became having medical issues with a reoccuring aggressive benign cyst in the very top of her femur bone. she had 6 surgeries in the next 2 years. Eventually her hip joint and leg became damaged due to all the surgeries etc. In the mean time my ex decided he wanted a divorce and in the end I lost all legal rights to Kaylee. I will never see her again and I don't receive any updates on her health issues. It just about killed me when I lost her, never said good bye or anything. Eventually I recovered although I will always feel haunted by the lack of her presence in my life. I have now had back and pain issues for 2 years. After numerous doctors, x-rays, and MRI's, no one knows where the pain is coming from or what is causing it. I even had back surgery a year ago. No help. Lately I have been getting this inner feeling that my back and hip pain is a bond with Kaylee that I didn't sever. I learned a long time ago to listen to those inner feelings. I would like to find a ceremony to cut the bond for my own well being. I have been unable to work or go to school because of the pain level but I don't want to hurt Kaylee or make her physical pain any worse. What can I do to help myself without hurting her. Thank-you so much for your time. Susan

Hello Susan,

If the pain in your spine is caused by your connection to Kaylee then you will not hurt her by cutting ties with her.  You might actually free both of you.

The other thought that occurs to me is that when Kaylee is an adult she might choose to try and find you, so always leave a door open to that possibility.  Do you have any mutual friends with your ex that she might be able to find you through?  It's up to you if you want to allow yourself to do this.

A cutting ties ceremony:

You can do a visualisaton such as this -

Sit down somewhere quietly with a table in front of you and light two candles, one for you and one for the person you want to cut ties with.  Bring Kaylee's face to mind.  Thank her for everything she has taught you so far.  Remember happy times, not sad ones, and send her lots of love for a few minutes.  Then imagine there is a cord in a pretty colour going from your heart to her heart.  Pick up the cord and gently cut it .. in your mind you could use a sharp knife or scissors, or even burn it with one of the candle flames.  You will provide your own image there.  See the cord dissolving in two directions until it is gone completely. Snuff out the candles.  

The pain in your spine might also be caused by suppressed anger .. we tend to store it in the disks at the base of our spine.  You could also do a visualisation where you go into those spaces in your body and hunt out the causes of the pain and forgive those who have hurt you, and let the pain go.  Forgiveness is a simple but effective way of changing our lives, which happens one layer at a time, like peeling an onion.  We have to keep doing it whenever the pain resurfaces, until eventually it goes away completely.

I hope that is of some assistance,
Love & Peace

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