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When I was visiting Savannah, Georgia my mother and I stayed at a famous 'haunted' hotel. The East Bay Inn. My friend stayed there and told us she saw a man who was a ghost over her bed. So, we stayed in the same room, hoping to have the same thing happen. That night I slept on the left side and I had many strange things happen to me. I had state of sleep but still awake, and this black figure sit down beside me and asked me questions such as, "Was I enjoying Savannah?". But I remember him being only a black figure, I couldn't see his face. After that I woke up and the room was very cold on my side and I told my mom to turn up the heat, but it was set on 70. I fell back asleep with the covers over my head, but something pulled them down only three inches, just so my face was showing. Then, I felt a slight touch on my face. It wasn't a hard touch, like a feather or someone breathing on me.

I started to freak out and called my mom to sleep with me. I told her someone was touching me, she just laughed and told the spirit to leave me alone. And I feel asleep without anything happening the rest of the night.

But the next morning my mom told me she felt someone touching her face as well. But only when she slept with me. Like that side of the room was special or something.

So, my question is, why did the spirit chose to stay on that side of the room? And why did it touch our faces and no other part of our body?

Thank you for your time.

Hello Deanna and thank you for writing, I must say, The pulling down of the blankets is a very common report that we get from witness accounts, it is very typical.
I think the spirits do this just to get your attention or to see who you are. The reason that it seemed to be on one side of the bed could be a number of things. This could have been where the person died or was very sick, or it could be where a loved one of the spirit had died or was sick for a period of time.
The cold is also very common, we do document this our selves on investigations, the reason "cold spots" are very common when a spirit is around is because they draw energy from the environment around them, thus making the area feel cold! We document High EMF fields as well when we do come across these cold spots.

So in summary, it seems you did indeed experience some type of a spirit visitation, there is most likely some relevance to that area of the room that means something to the spirit, it very well could have been where a loved one of the spirit had been sick and died, and they just may be checking to see who is there under that blanket, possibly looking for a lost loved one.

I hope this gave you a bit of an answer. Thank you for sharing your story and sending me your question.

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