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I had a very close friend die a questionable death on October 15, 2012, which is also my birthday. When he first died and until a few days before his funeral I felt his presence, but just like that he was gone. Well, he was cremated and his family gave me a small urn with his ashes, which I have kept very close to me since I brought them home. the first night I woke up to someone calling my name, last night my 6 year old said he saw something floating in the bedroom, and today I was napping and woke up to something pulling my hair, but no one was there. What is causing this? could it be from the ashes?

Dear Natalie,
     How are you doing now. I am very sorry to here you are having some troubles. Now let me go straight to your questions. It is quite normal to feel some presence or energy for few days after death, about three days or until the cremation. After the cremation you must not feel the presence.
     I have an advise for you, it is nice to have something from your friend for his memory. But you have his ashes which is his body. The rule is after death everything have to go natural. His body is suppose to become the part of nature but not yet happened. So it is possible for the spirit to stay close to what ever is left, which is the ash that you have. When we learn science of spirit we all keep a small portion of ash from our grand parents, teacher, and old generation in order to get in touch with them if they are cremated or hair if they are burried. Here i am not concluding that it is caused by the ash, i am just giving a possibility.
     Now we need some more information to find what is the real cause of it. I like you to ask your child what exactly he saw, what he felt or what color. Let him explain. But make sure he is not upset with it or afraid of it. If he doesn't like to talk about it don't insist.
     In order to get a better understanding of the situation I suggest you to give me more information about your friends death, only if it is ok with you. One more thing, Please do not get rid of the ash because once you keep the ash you are responsible to pay the respect. If it is what causing then I can help you with getting rid of it.
     If it is caused by any negative energy I will help you, together we can stop the attack. I am here for you and I will do what ever it takes.
         God bless you
         Mathew, S  

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