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For the past 3-4 days I have felt a new presence in my home. It appears when I am in my kitchen doing dishes. It stands behind me, watching me. Today it got upset that I was hand washing my dishes - aggrivated almost because I wasn't usuing my dishwasher. He also seemed to be aggrivated I was doing dishes where I was. Many, many years ago the sink was located in a different place in the kitchen. Today after letting me know he was aggrivated with things I felt a very strong urge to call my youngest daughter. I didn't feel as though something was wrong with her, just that I needed to call her. This particular spirit seems to be male, and pre-teen. I called my daughter and talked to her about it. He hasn't left the kitchen, does not disipate when my husband is around and does not seem to have a connection with the house. I get no feeling about where he came from as I have in the past. My daughter and I have also experienced very similar activity in the past week.....both of has had laundry that was hanging to dry thrown onto the floor numerous times. When I (in a scolding voice) said that if they were going to throw my clothes around, they could at least fold it for me. It didn't happen again. My daughter had said something very similar to her presence. What is going on? Can 2 people actually "share" a spirit? How can I find out who he is and what he's doing here? How do I send him on his way toward the light? Thank you so much for any input you have.

Hi Cathy,

I tell ghosts what to do too.  They mess with my house, they get told off. LOL  I would be happy if they would fold laundry too.

Going by what you said - has anyone male, of pre-teen age, died in your family recently?  Has one of your daughter's friends lost someone?  Has your daughter been to visit recently, either attracting the ghost's attention, or bringing it with her?  That might explain its arrival, but not where it came from .. that could be anywhere at all.  A few years ago we used to be haunted by family members, or someone with a strong connection to the new/old house we just moved in .. but now ghosts are able to wander the world, and they do. They also haunt people they feel was someone that they think they knew.  It's mistaken identity on their part, and confusing for the living.  Not being able to find out where he came from could be because he's not sure of where, or when, himself.  He might not even know his name, simply sees you as someone he remembers, and is hanging around because he feels safe with you.

Can people share a ghost, yes, but it doesn't happen that often.  When we are in spirit we exist in the 'here' and 'now', so being in two places at once, or seeming to be, is possible, when there is no time or space to cross.

Who is he?  You could ask him to tell you, perhaps in your dreams, or through having a medium come to your house and talk to him, and then help him cross over.  You could also ask your angels to find him and cross him.

"Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost in the room with me now and TAKE him into healing." .. or identify him in some other way, so there is no mistaking whom you want helped.  That works well.

Ghosts are people too, often confused, lost and lonely.  They will latch onto people who make them feel safe, or feed them their energy.  It's better not to let the latter happen, so crossing them over quickly is very important .. and not hard to do.  I like the request to our angels best of all.  If that doens't work, I have other things I can tell you about ..

Love & Peace

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