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when I was 9 years old (35 years ago) I had a very disturbing experience that still haunts me to this day. The memory has never changed and when I tell the story to people, it elicits unsettled responses ranging from the "creeps" to "goosebumps". can someone tell me what it was I saw?

I had gone down to a local park early one Sat morning around 9:30 am in a light rain to look at a creek that had swelled overnight..I had a fascination with rainstorms and watching this creek flood. There was no one around. The park itself is very treed in all old growth forest. As I approached this clearing, I noticed a black object hunched over in the salmon berry bushes across the creek. I continued walking down the path and into the clearing that ran parallel to the creek to get a better look.

The object was looked like a black bear but it was moving oddly. Just then, perhaps a 100 feet away from me this thing looked up at me and the terror that cursed through me was undescribable. What I was looking at I couldn't't comprehend. And as this creature stood up and never taking its gaze off of me, I felt like I was in danger...something wasn't right. It was shaped like a man with white skin but had no shoes or socks. It had a black flowing robe that came to just above the ankles. The arms were covered to the wrists with this robe, almost like what a monk would wear. It had no hair, bald in fact. But what I could not grasp is that this being had no face, no eyes, no features at all. And it stared, crouched as if ready to sprint. I yelled at it and said " who are you?" what do you want?" No response. As I walked toward the creature, it would move backwards at the same pace I would step forward, when I stepped backwards, it would approach me with the same rhythm until at one point it was standing on the other side of the creek poised to sprint and cross a small foot bridge. At this point, I turned around and ran never looking back and screaming as loud as I could scream "leave me alone" over and over.

When I got back to my house the commotion woke my parents and Dad went running down to the park #5 mins away# asking me in the process what was wrong "there's something down there Dad and it chased me" My dad returned to the house and says he couldn't;t find anyone.

To this day, when I return to my home town on the BC coast, I make a point of walking down to this spot by myself and sit and gaze at the spot where this event happened and feelings of uneasiness wash over me. it was no dream that day...

Hello David and thank you for writing.I understand the goosebumps and creepy feeling, we get that a lot on investigations as well.
As Children our minds are very open to the spirit world, many children report seeing figures and apparitions. I as well had seen a few ghosts in my childhood and that is why I do the research now.
I understand that need to go back to that location for answers too, I am always in search of answers. I feel that you did indeed see into the spirit world, it even seems that the spirit you seen may have been thrown off that you seen it as it was backing away from you. By the description, it may have been a condemned soul? Hard to say.

I must say though, the chances of you bumping into this spirit again are probably unlikely unless you go to the same spot a bit more and really focus hard and keep an open mind, because as we grow older, we tend to loose alot of our open mindedness towards these.

Next time you visit that area, maybe you can bring a video camera or still, snap off a few shots or just sit back relax and let the camera roll, you never know, you may catch this childhood spirit again?

Thanks again for writing, I hope I was of some help to you!

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