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Hello, I live in CT and have had an Android phone for a few months now and have installed a playlist of about 400 songs on it, and I don't know all of the songs on it (another's playlist). When something weighs on my mind and I'm play the music, often songs come on that seem very much related to what I'm thinking about, sometimes 3 or 4 of them in a row, as if to answer me. It doesn't happen all the time but its happened dozens of times. Yesterday morning, I was listening to Hero from Nickelback, and it seemed important that I play twice, so I did. After what happened yesterday in CT, and looking at those lyrics, well, I found it a bit disturbing. I just have over active imagination, right? or is it possible that my playlist could be manipulated on a another level somehow? Thanks.

Hello Ann,

This is a very interesting and pertinent question. I am not familiar with the Nickelback song HERO, but I can tell you that the computer and digital revolution of our global communications technology is both a blessing and a curse - literally.

My personal experiences and those of my paranormal research team have proven to us that negative entities as well as heavenly beings can use computers, printers, answer machines, telephones, etc. with ease when it comes to receiving messages or "thought" prompts of either a Dark or Light origins.

Every member of my group has heard in live time the voices of demonic entities hijacking their cell phones and speaking in guttural, threatening dialogue while having a normal conversation with one another. Sometimes the voices only breathe, speak in sped up phrases -like a fast recorder playback mode - or quite normally as deep tones.

Sometimes one human speaker is disconnected but another can hear the entity voices or a cell phone rings and a person answers it to hear the entity as if they had been dialed direct by the creature. I have captured on a recorder a five minute cell phone dialogue with an entity threatening to do me harm. I called a client to set an investigation date which was answered by an entity directly - in her home -.

Once I also received a very hostile e-mail from a ranting person I didn't even know that made no sense. After I deleted it, the e-mail had a strange aftereffect on me. I began having an inexplicable anxiety attack over it. The tone of the angry words seemed to loop around in my head despite everything I did afterwards. The obsessive reaction was out of proportion to my original response to it. I had basically written it off, but it suddenly became quite disturbing for no reason whatsoever. In an hour or so the entire feeling was gone.

Entities can imbue digital information with subtle energetic thought projections. I believe it's more common then we know for thought cues to be generated via all electronic devices that already eject large amounts of electromagnetic smog at us from earphones, screens, radios, TV's etc. I have called this type of thought projection "Permeable Digital Transference". There is a transfer of encoded energy through digital media that permeates into our human psyche.  

The fact that you felt compelled to listen to the song twice and later found the lyric message to be connected to something unsettling that happened in reality may indicate a negative influence designed to cause fear.

On the other hand, you have received comforting songs relating to other problems in your life which indicates a Divine contact.

Entities will try to cripple all Divine avenues to people if they can so it may be part of the issue.

Just be cautious what you think and ponder and learn to recognize what thoughts are yours versus something else's. Humans are very emotional. Sometimes a carefully placed negative thought can derail us just as a perfectly placed positive thought can inspire us.

Thank you for writing.


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