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Hi Christine,

Recently I  read posts online about astral projection and traveling to different dimensions. I was skeptical at first so I read the directions and practiced for myself.

I did not expect to see results the first time I tried it. Is that normal? The experience was bizzare. I felt my body tingle and my ears begun to buzz and my breathing pattern changed.  After I managed to come back I was extremely happy for no reason.

How will I know when I have completely traveled to a different dimension? I am somewhat fearful of this new found ability.

From a young age I have had psychic abilities such as precognition and clairvoyance which at first, I didn't know what to call it. I am still fairly young.

I don't know what to do with my intuitive knowledge about the world, and ignoring these abilities constrains me immensely in other aspects of my life.

So my questions are:
What can I do with my intuitive gifts?
Have you experienced astral projection?
What are the pros and cons of becoming spiritual?

Thank you!

Hello Linda,

There are some other questions about Astral Projection that I have answered. Please take a look at those. They may help you with your question. Also see my answer to Kristy under her BLACK SHADOW question in regards to developing psychic abilities. There are books you should use to help study.

I am not an advocate of Astral travel as it's spiritually dangerous in regards to dark entities, Astral wildlife and lost souls that can come back to the physical realm with you. The consequences can be quite devastating to people's lives.

To me, spirituality is an expected aspect of our human lives. It's how you choose to seek it that's the most important consideration. We have free will given to us by God. You can either seek a Light path or a Dark path. Anything not connected to a Divine source with every aspect of your life is dooming you to attract a negative source.

Attracting negativity is the automatic default response for those who don't make a spiritual commitment to aspire towards making loving, happy acts for themselves and others. The same result happens for people who live their life making no spiritual commitment for either negative or positive behaviors. No conscious commitment is by God's reckoning a "negative" choice. There is no walking a medium ground of conflict or passivity.

You have to choose your spiritual path and choose wisely to protect yourself from harm. It's part of our purpose on Earth to live in service, obedience, and thankfulness towards God's specific moral and ethical behaviors. Anything less is self-destructive and makes you vulnerable to psychic attacks, permanent attachments and even death from powerful negative energies.

I suggest that if you don't know what you're doing, stop doing it. You don't have the experience or training on how to Astral travel, to know where you might end up in a multi-dimensional universe, or what to do if something came back with you.

Why not learn your gifts that are not as dangerous and how to use them for the benefit of helping others. Spiritual dabbling is not a positive motive for using your psychic abilities. You give unknown entities your frequency signature when you mingle with them in the Astral and announce your openness to random communications with them that may come back at you as thought projections, physical manifestations and infestations.

Be careful and chose your developmental path wisely.

Thanks for writing!


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