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QUESTION: Hi Christine,

I have read through previous quesstions answered by yourself and have found them to be informative so I am hoping you can help me with my query.

In June this year, just before my birthday, I was sleeping over at a friends house which is above a pub. The same pub I occasionally worked for when they needed me too. My friend is quite spiritual and there is an entity living above the pub with her, we believe it was the original owner of the pub who died there in early 1900's.
Regardless, that night I slept on the reclining couch and I awoke as the couch kind of pulled back funny. I felt a presence and was quite nervous. The entity then ran down the hallway, noticibly heard running and the bathroom door being opened. Eventually I fell back to sleep and then awoke about an hour later and unfortunately was experiencing sleep paralysis (or something else?) but smelt smoke. Obviously freaking out about this, I waited it out - about 30 seconds - nothing was on fire. I then went back to sleep and had a dream that one of the bedrooms in the house was on fire and there was a warewolf trying to attack my friend.
I told my friend about this in the morning and she booked me in 2 days later to get a bowen massage at a place which has a few people who connect with energies and such.
The night before the appointment I awoke at 3am, sleeping above the pub again but in a bedroom, and I felt that I was not alone. Something big was there or something. I put a movie on and started to watch it then realised I couldnt move, sleep paralysis again. I listened to the movie rolling while I layed there unable to move, seeing black movements in the corner of my eye. I could freely breathe by the way, it just seemed to be my limbs. When I finally was able to move, I paused the movie at where it was and checked the time from around the time I couldnt move - it was roughly 27 minutes.
When I arrived at the shop in which a few ladies work, one straight away said "There is a man behind you, with a scar around his eye". She asked if I knew anyone that met that description or anything, but I didnt. They cleansed me or something that day because I had no problems for a few more weeks.
When I returned home from staying at the pub about 2 weeks later I noticed I didnt feel alone again and my dog kept scratching, staring and occasionally barking at the wall at the end of my bed. After a few more weeks, my room mate said she has also noticed an uncomfortable vibe and she is also a spiritual person so she called a medium with whom she has worked before. I spoke with the medium who said a spirit had attached himself to me from somewhere, most likely a pub as the spirit was an alcoholic. She also said that the spirit was not friendly and did not want to let go of me which I found to be quite daunting. I do not recall if I had sleep paralysis with the second spirit.

However, I have now moved house, been here for 2 months, and 3 days ago, my dog started the scratching and staring thing at the wall which is at the end of my bed. She used to sleep in front of that wall, between bed and wall, her bed is there and she is currently under my bed. Thats really not right and was such a sudden change. I am curious if I have another entity following me again and well, why do I seem to attract them? I am interested in the paranormal but I understand it is dangerous and that worries me. Presently I am in my room and I am unsure if the uncomfortable feeling is a genuine feeling or just my brain because of the weird behaviour of my dog.

And just as I was writing this, the power plug pulled out of my laptop. I didnt touch it, and they dont just fall out.

Regardless, any information you can give me would be beneficial.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


ANSWER: Hi Korina,

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

There is some confusion on your behalf on what is transpiring around you. Your experience in the bedroom above the Pub was not the action of a male human spirit, though I agree that a very depressed man who was murdered (a walk-in spirit to the pub) was around you for a little bit. He has since crossed over.

The couch movement,running footsteps, door closing and oppressive paralysis was something else entirely. The smell of smoke (fire), your anxiety during contact with a presence, and continued bouts of pressure bondage are in the realm of dark entity manifestation. Your dog has now possibly become a lateral target of this presence along with you.

You seem to have picked up this energy from another woman you met sometime about 8 months ago. This isn't a good friend but perhaps an acquaintance or during an introduction at a public place. This entity has come home with you because of your latent psychic abilities. As was the reason that the male ghost approached you for help.

Disconnected laptop plugs are very powerful manifestations of dark spirits which have much more power than a human spirit. Your goal now would be to get this away from you and out of your home where it stays most of the time. I suggest you seek out someone who deals with dark entities to remove it.

Avoid being fearful. You have to be calm and steadfast. Don't engage this spirit in any way. Enlist the help your guide, angels, Jesus and God through prayers for assistance in finding somebody near you to help or through direct Divine deliverance. You have to make some choices right now.

You may also contact me offline for other information at or


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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply Christine and your information.

Just thought I would let you know, on the night I emailed you, I decided to call upon arch angel Michael to help take any spirits home (not knowing at the time that this was something else), and after  I called upon him something strange happened. It sounds odd but the wall at the end of my bed kind of tinged a soft red, kind of like a red light was on it. I know how odd this sounds, and the light was only on the wall and a bit of the roof, nothing on the cupboard next to it. It didnt last long, maybe 30 seconds or so and considering this is the wall my dog always barks at.. found it odd. My vicious guard dog slept through the whole thing -haha!  Not sure what happened there, could it be a portal or something of sorts?

Ive also found a hat today which I wore to a race day this year on the floor today. I dont see how it got there as it was hooked over a hook and would have been lifted off. Ive also noticed bumps in the night and am trying to decipher whether or not they are normal bumps or something else - its hard to know the difference.

Good news is that I am not fearful at all and I will not engage the entity in anyway.

I will seek out assistance, however what kind of person do I seek out? A medium to come to the house or something? Is there anything I can do myself or best to avoid it?

Thanks  again!


Bumps are knocks or raps often done by entities if you cannot identify them as house settling, pipe rattling, animals, etc. Movement of objects and positioned items in weird places are also entity manifestations. Anomalous lights can also be signs of intrusion.

Contact me directly if you want some help or seek out psychics, ministers or other lay persons who remove dark spirits.


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