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Our family moved into this home about 6 months ago.  I have always given a new home a sage blessing which I am not at al qualified home, but have always believed that a strong mind and emotions are very powerful.  I have no claimed religion, but believe in good and evil.  I do also believe that I do have certain empathic abilities, but half the time believe that I'm just silly.  I have for over 20 years always did a sage "blessing" for a new home.  In the past I have felt presences before...some good, some not so good and always again thought it to be just my silly mind.  This time I have moved into a 1900's home and feel the blessing has backfired.  I feel several presences and feel they are preying on our weaknesses.  I can deal with t hings not being where they were put (a favorite prank in this house) but feel like the "thick air" and bad vibes are greatly impacting the future of our family.  I don't know what to do.  And a side note is that when I was blessing the house it felt as if the house was fighting back.  Again I thought I was just being silly.  Now my two year old has become quite friendly with 2 different presences... I know one is a woman and good .... the other I just feel the darkness.  Please help!

Essentially, you have moved your psychically aware, but completely untrained and unprotected, family, into a haunted house.

1)  Train your abilities so that you can deal with the problem. (This takes time and effort).
2)  Get help from someone who has trained their abilities (take care to avoid charlatans).  
3)  Purchase something that will enable you to deal with the problem (buyer beware, pay close attention to reputations).

If you feel that the entities in the home aren't having a positive influence, then it's time to make them go away.  It's your house, after all.  Whether it used to be theirs or not, it's doesn't belong to them now, so if you don't want them as guests, then show them the door.

Sage smudging just breaks up energy patterns and helps get rid of accumulated old stuff, it doesn't do anything at all to spirit entities, which are far more coherent.

This was an issue that was bound to eventually arise anyhow, even if you hadn't selected an old house with spirits in it.  'Open' unprotected people attract spirits, both good and bad.

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