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I was reading a question by someone else, because I've just had a similar dream. I was in my mother's garage, but it was clean and white and I was sitting on a couch with a young boy.  Outside the garage were columns and arches and really really bright light, but it was very cold so I wrapped my blanket over the boy and brought him inside. Next I was in Maine (a favorite place for me to go)and there was a river, all blue and green and I had a round tube and I was riding the waves, having fun. For a second I would think if there was something in the water to be afraid of and then I would let it go... then I was out of the water in a truck with my husband and some other people who we agreed to meet up with in Maine when we go for real ? The there was some difficulty in getting back, a school classroom and dancing lol and I woke up. I was upset this morning because I felt like the boy may be a child I had miscarried almost 13 years ago although the boy looked younger than that. Why wouldn't I ask him to go into the light? Why would I bring him inside with me? I feel like a bad mother.  And my mothers house is important because I have a great deal of pain concerning her, she may be borderline personality and can go to very dark places, especially now over the holidays so I wonder why I was in her house? It seems silly to ask someone else about a dream, but I was interested in what you said about the spirit child waiting for us?  Thank you

Hello Donna,

I apologise for the delay in answering but your question got lost in the system.  Thankfully Allexperts reminds us if we don't receive, or miss, something.

To me your dream expresses your very loving nature, your fearlessness in the face of emotion and your emotional and spiritual growth during your life journey.  In dreams a person we meet might represent some part of ourselves (males=logic, females=emotions), so what do young boys represent to you .. fun, mischief, adventure, someone who needs to be nurtured, or serious, sensible, responsible?  Perhaps by taking the boy (yourself) 'inside' your mother's house, you gave love to that part of yourself that needed to learn to be that free, and to feel the love of a mother?  Was yours a good mother before her illness?  

A river, as a dream symbol, expresses your movement through your spiritual life.  Blues and greens are the colours of peace and healing. As you progressed through the dream, and your life, you became more adventurous, taking changes with your emotions (falling in love, giving freely of yourself to others when they needed the help)?  You were not unaware of the dangers of letting yourself go, you just went anyway.   The classroom might be to remind you that everything is lessons, and dancing .. what sort of dancing?  And do you dance for joy in life?  Is that where you are now in your journey, or would you like to be?

In the morning you wondered if the boy was your son, but he was not the right age for that.  Instead he was at an age where something important happened to put you on the path.  How old do you think he was .. and what happened to you at that age, that you needed someone to remind you that you are loved and worth protecting.  

Do you have other children?  Are you a bad mother to them?  I don't think so, or I hope not.  Perhaps this is, then, a message to change how you react to your children, to remind yourself that we all need to know we are loved by our family, particularly our parents.  When that doesn't happen, we can often stop our spiritual growth, as the child struggles to cope on a day to day basis without the emotional support our parents give us.  

As for your son-in-spirit, he'll be there when you are ready to cross over, if he doesn't reincarnate as one of your grandchildren, or even a child you feel very close to right now, who is a member of your extended family.  I am looking forward to seeing mine, when my kids get around to having kids.  :-)

I hope that helps.  Please ask if I can clarify anything, and than you again for your patience,
Love & Peace

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