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Hello, I have an experience I would like to share with you and perhaps get some feedback on if it is worth your time.  In 2007 my father passed away from lung cancer that mastescized to his brain over several years.  about six months after passing I got an email from Erin Dowell,(a family friend whose parents were close to mine.)  The email explained to me a dream she had where her, my mother, my younger brother and myself were all sitting around a table at an establishment.  Then, Erin saw a bright light start to shine from the side of the table floating in the middle of the air, until it expanded and started taking the shape of my father.  Though he was different in appearance, like the light was the mass of his body and there was some sort of electromagnetic static radiating from him. almost as if he was a sentient digital image.  He then communicated to Erin that it is hard for him to try and talk to us but that he knows it is possible, and to tell us that he loves us a lot and that there is great things to discover about life.  I have dreams with him in them, and I know my brother does too.  None quite as lucid as Erin's. My father was very family oriented and cared about a lot and was wondering if you had any thought about trying to go deeper into pursuing a connection through sleep intentionally?

Hello Aaron,

I am one who believes that dreams can give one a glimpse of the would beyond the veil, but that for the most part, dreams are just that - dreams, and so they should be as they exist for a psychological and physiological reason. It is very well a possibility that you are indeed in visitation with your father while you are asleep as sleeping changes the brain wave activity to a different, lower frequency. Sleeping is considered an altered state of consciousness [ASC]. Of altered states there are approximately 20 categories. The states that you are referring to are likely the dream sleep with REM or dream sleep without REM. Both fall in the Delta to Theta wavelengths. Delta activity falls between .5 - 4 Hz and Theta falls in the 4 - 8 Hz. range [a hertz is a cycle per second]. Some psychics, particularly "trance mediums' can will themselves into these altered states of "reality", as can those experienced and apt at meditation. [Some people state that Delta activity starts at 0 Hz, but since that is technically "brain dead" it is a state that one should try to avoid for as long as possible].

 The experiences that you discribe do indeed have an "astral" flavor to them. It is often what happens and the way that it is presented that differentiates between a normal dream and a psi dream.

 Aaron, in my opinion it may be best to let your father initiate the contact. The reason that I say that is that when novices attempt contact between realms, a whole lot can go wrong in a short amount of time. People rant and rave about the use of the ouija board as being a dangerous tool. To be correct though, any tool is only as good as it's wielder. Put me in front of a band saw and this would be the last reply I send using all of my fingers. Experience matters! Any tool of contacting the deceased, be it the ouija board, pendulum, seance, lucid dreaming or what have you can put one in a vulnerable position to forces from beyond their control. As much as tools of contact can be negative, they are safe for those who use them intelligently and with all safety precautions met or exceeded [I'm one who exceeds, I take no chances - there are a lot of creeps on the other side]. If you do decide to attempt contact, proceed slowly and with caution. A lot of the aforementioned "creeps" will pretend to be someone other than who they really are. I personally would advise against it. Let your father come through to you.

 A final reason is that you want your father to live the new life that is ahead of him. There is so much more in the spirit world to learn, experience and enjoy that he should be spending the majority of his time there. Allow him to visit when he can, or when there is a real need for his attendance. Chances are that he wants you to know that he is fine, healthier and better than he ever was while on earth and to let you know that life literally goes on. There is no greater love than a spirit informing their loved ones that every thing is okay and giving you a smile and a thumbs up!

 I hope that this has in some small way cleared up some of your concerns. If there is anything else that I can do for you, I'm here to help. I wish you and your's all of the best of the holiday season and have a great new year!

Take care,  

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