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First off, I am a Christian, but haven't experienced anything supernatural or paranormal per se. I do believe in the paranormal and of things beyond this world, but you don't see me playing with ouija boards trying to find out. I hear those can do more harm than good!

On to the story.

Two nights ago I was lying in my bed in a pretty dark room. I can see the white walls because of the light shining through the window, and shadows are only cast on the ceiling from it.

I was having trouble getting comfortable, tossing and turning in bed, and around 3am I saw a black hazy spot in the middle of my vision on a wall about 4ft from my bed. I wasn't sure if my eyes were half closed, so I blinked a couple times and stared at it. It was still there.

I then rest my head down and closed my eyes and opened them a few seconds later. The darkness had seemed to take shape like some sort of ball or a crude face and I felt very intimidated by it. I said a prayer and it immediately disappeared and I could see the entire white wall again.

I'm pretty freaked out, and hope it wasn't some sort of demonic presence.

Nothing like this has happened here before, and I'm fairly sure it was not my eyes playing tricks on me.

Thank you for your time, and God bless.
- Brian

Hello Brian,

I'm Christian too.  Ghosts are a normal part of my life .. and I'm very happy to hear you stay away from Ouija boards.  

The figure you saw was probably a ghost.  It wasn't a demon.  You would have been a lot more frightened if it had been.  It could also have been a hypnogogic image or matrixing (where the mind turns patterns and shapes into 'familiar' things).  A ball .. on a ghost hunting weekend my friends and I got video of an orb turning into a sea captain.  That was very very interesting.  We played it back over and over, and there are at least 6 of us watching.

So I am back to saying it was a ghost.  A prayer is a great way of sending ghosts packing, not so much because of the words, but because of your faith, which empowers and changes the structure of your energy.

I can offer you a link to some house energy shields, if you think you will be continually haunted, but it was probably a 'one off'.  You might never see it again.

Have you just moved into that building?  It might haunted.  If not, don't worry about it.

Wishing you a peaceful night,
Love & Peace

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