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My grandfather passed away in 2006. I've thought about him since but I haven't been able to fully connect with those thoughts. About a week ago I was lying in bed with my eyes closed and I pictured my grandfather perfectly, it was like I was seeing him for a moment. He looked happy. Since then I have tried to imagine him but I haven't been able to as much as I did that night. It really surprised me to see him. Is there any explanation for this? Was I simply able to imagine him in that moment or was he sending me a message? Please tell me as much as you can.

Dear Kandyyce,
        How are you today. I am very sorry to hear aboutyour lost. .
We can't be sure it is any kind of communication at the moment because it not repeating. Also you were thinking about him. So all i can say is wait for another nine days and see if the  dream comes back.  Please let me know anything unusual happens.
Later on I will write you about dreams and meanings.
Take care, God bless you.
Mathew, S

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