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QUESTION: A portal opened in my house.  Not the first time, but this time some wicked things came out.  It seemed to be using me as an energy source.  My main question is when this opened, I saw in bright red an outline around the portal and bright blue writing in the middle.  The portal was basically started as a small square and then becoming larger.  Bright white light that spun around where it would even become flat at times.  Many things came out.  One basically said, "we're just going to pass through." I actually took photos that evening and got a white mist with about 7-8 demonic faces on it.  Took a pic of a man with a suit in my window looking in.  The worst was a photo in the same window looking in a demonic face.  Looked like a mask with pointy points I guess on the ends.  Not like a devil either.  He was greenish/grey and all the other photos you can tell the light messed with them but not him.  He was solid. I showed my girlfriend who is a non-believer and still thinks its not real but the next morning the air was thinner and the house was clear and my photos deleted. Which makes me look crazy again but I did ask my girlfriend if she deleted and she said of course not but does remember seeing them.  Anyways, I know its weird and hard to believe but my question is what is that writing?  It almost looked asian.  It had straight but curvy up and down lines.  It would have one or two lines across.  Also, curvy at times.  I have always been sensitive since I was a kid and every place I have lived I encounter spirits.  So I'm used to it by now but this was different. Good news is house is clear and bad news evidence deleted.  I can't stop thinking of the writing.  It seemed demonic like they wrote it and not the regular human spirits. Have you ever encountered this before?  


ANSWER: Hello Jake,

Which person opened the portal in the first place?  The writing is probably the spell they used, keeping the thing open.  If you do see it again, try and remember clearly the shape of the symbols so that you can erase them and close the thing completely.  Here's a page of symbols that you might find the writing on.  As for the writing being demonic .. no, demons generally don't write, they leave that for the nitwits who open gates for them.  We are the creators, not them.

In the meantime do this:  

That is an Invocation to clear the house, you could add the request that the angels FIND and permanently CLOSE the portal.  

I am very sorry the photos got erased, but stuff happens.  I wonder if the faces were demonic, or only elemental, since they can look very similar.  Your green/brown face could have been on of them.  Oh, I am not doubting you, just commenting after years of observation of both forms of entities.  

I am very glad the house is clear, but use the Invocation anyway, just to make sure.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Ama for quick response.  I don't believe anyone from this house purposely opened the portal.  I'm American but currently live in Greece.  My apartment was built and is still owned by a very nice simple family.  No witches or anything similiar.  I do know when people play around with witchcraft they open doors that should never be opened.  Thats why I have never messed with that stuff, especially as I said I'm very sensitive to the spirtitual world.  I'm not a medium or psychic but I think that some people are connected in some way and attract these types of energy.  Some entity's are unfortunately bad and I have had incidents being physically harmed by these.  Back being torn up and bruises all over my body.  I mean bad bruises and claw marks covering my back.  

When I first moved in we had some problems with "shadow people."  The non-human shadows that are literally 7-8ft tall and either have cloaks or have those old western looking hats.  Some have eyes and I have had some close encounters with them where I got a good look.  They have bones for hands and have legs b/c when they watch you sleep and thats what they mostly do, you get sleep paralysis and feel frozen but can see whats going on around you.  When you break from it these things run out of the room and not disappear like a ghost would.  But actually run.  Its weird but I did witness them come out of a portal.  White light and they just slowly walked through.  I'll never forget it.  A month or so during these visitations my girlfriend (the non-believer) woke up screaming and said there was a 7ft tall shadow standing next to you watching you sleep.  I said I know they been a while now.  So now she believes but lives in denial of it.  I come to the conclusion that these are inter-dimensional beings. Not demons or spirits. Even though some look exactly like the picturs of the "Grim Reaper." Its easier to label what you don't understand and frightnen you "Demons."  These shadow beings are not. Just something we don't understand but not necessarily evil. Creepy though!!

Now what I saw come out of the portal were demons.  The mist with the faces and had very demonic/creature like faces.  Not human and the one with the mask.  Not a mask actually but the only way to describe it.  I took photos and even showed my girlfriend so she witnessed the photos but when that demon told not to worry but they are just passing through. I admit, I felt relieved and they are probably tormenting some family with kids right now but they left here.  Anyways, I kept going over in my head if this really happened and then when they left my photos were deleted and just the ones with the evidence that backs up what I saw but didn't delete the other photos with nothing on them.  Which is weird and who would the take time to go through maybe 40 pictures and finding the ones with evidence and actual pics of these faces and erase them. Its bugging the hell out of me! There were maybe 10 photos with faces and actual apparitions and or mist. I still have one of an orb with a face in it but I think its the man who owned the house who died. Not an evil orb but just an orb. I'll try and download and send it to you.  And this is why you are the only person I have shared this with b/c I look crazy and sound crazy.  I don't do drugs and I've never been on any medication. Just cursed with this crap!

I've looked everywhere for the writing.  It only appeared when the portal opened its not like its actually written on my wall.  It looked almost asian or some kind of ancient sandscript. I googled and researched a lot of ancient texts and saw some similiar writing but not exactly what I saw.  I checked that link you sent me and I cannot find the writing but other spirits came out of this portal too. Not bad ones, just spirits.  The writing wasn't theirs. I just knew that some how and I just know that it was related to the demons and was some kind of spell.  Like I said, I am not religious at all but when my options were running low on closing the portal I did the cross and low and behold the writing began to disappear. I began to say a few prayers and the writing began to disappear completely and as I said before, I fely these things inside me which was undescrible and I never experienced that before and never want to again. I am baptised Greek Orthodox and went to private Catholic school growing up but organized religion never suited me.

Again, the writing was bright red that outlined the portal and bright blue inside or in the middle of the portal and there was maybe 70-100 total symbols.  The writing only appeared when the portal opened. Only the lines not any pictures like hieroglyphics.  They were 3-6 up and down and 1-2 across. I don't know and I just wanted to see if you have ever seen or heard of this and I'll try and close it without making it worse.  I'm sick of all this b/c it has never stopped since I was 4 years old and now I'm 37.  And I can never talk about it with anyone b/c people think you're crazy and I just don't want people to know my private business.  I don't even tell my family everything but they do know and started to believe in my teen years when they started to see some of these things. But before, they never belived me.  Just thought I was a little kid making shit up. Then a few spirits payed my mother and my father a few visits and incidents where items were moved right before their eyes and lights on and off.  Typical games spirits play.  Freaked them out but then they said ok, we believe you now.    

Part of me wants to just bottle it up but I want to understand too b/c some of these spirits it would seem come to me for help or just want to know whats going on. If I stay somewhere they come to me in the night and ask me why I'm in their house.  Many times that has happened so its not always bad but when its bad its bad.  And some come to me for me to help them understand which I do at times and other times I'm lost.  I am however able to hear them without any EVP devices.  They can hear me and I can hear them but even if I close this portal for good it won't stop b/c it never seems to.  

Ama, I really do appreciate your help and for listening.  It means a lot.  If you hear or come across any information that could be related to what I saw or about the writing and even that freaking evil demon face(looked like the mask from Iron Man or something like that and had small points on the ends and was greenish/grey.) This thing wasn't playing around and it would be something you would not want in your house. Thats why I would like to know what kind of demon this was and maybe if you have any phots of demons and I can say yeah, its this one.  Like a mug shot. Anyways, thanks again Ama. Plus, if I can ever help anything let me know. I have a lot of experience as well with every kind of spirit for the last 30 plus years.


Hello Jake,

No, you don't sound crazy.  You sound perfectly normal to me.  I've had crazier adventures than yours. :-)

However, you are psychic.  We are all psychic to varying degrees.  You are a medium (part of the clairvoyant/audient spectrum), because you can talk to dead people, and entities notice you.  You don't have to work in the industry to be either of these.  

Anyone can open a portal, someone who lived in your house before you might have done it.  Traumatic events and strong emotions can sometimes do it, although they don't usually come with writing on them.  Reading further, the portal might have opened from the other side.  Do you have strong ley lines where you are?  Are you sensitive to earth energy?

The things you call shadow people were not shadow people, as you said.  Shadow people are one dimensional beings who do not interfere with, or even seem to notice, human beings.  The things you are talking about .. are more likely demonic, but they could also be elemental entities (daemon - which are human created demonic forms).  Scratches can also come from them, and bruises etc.  Sleep paralysis happens because the mind wakes up before the body.  You could have been wandering in the void, via astral travel, and had them follow you home.

Do you leave your computer/camera around?  If the entities didn't want to be seen, they could easily delete stuff, but to do that they would have to be tangible .. so that throws me back to the thoughts about elemental beings (as does the 'mask' wearer), and the fact that one spoke to you .. been there .. I am sure the lady elemental I spoke to a couple of times would be more than capable of sorting out a camera. LOL

Yes, in my opinion, and experience of the energy, orbs are not evil.  They are just energy awaiting manifestation, usually as a ghost or spirit.

Let me give you this before I read any further ..    White light shields.  Learn them by heart and use them.  They really do help keep ghosts and other entities out of the house and out of your energy.

What did you feel when you were closing the portal .. you can answer privately if you want to ..

Go read my webpages.  You might not learn anything new, but it won't hurt to check. .. victorian paranormal connection.

Question .. email me at the above address ..

Love & Peace

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