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Hello Winged Wolf,

I recently experienced paranormal. At least I think I did.

I was wondering if you suggest looking into developing some sort of psi ability. I would like to understand what I saw and why I saw it, but not be foolish and invite something in that is harmful.
I'm a Christian, so I definitely believe in angels and demons already.

I read on some websites to practice predicting a deck of cards.

Should I continue pursuing this, and what methods would you suggest?

Thank you for your time,
- Brian

You haven't given me a whole lot of information to go on, there.

First, it's not safe.  Nothing in life is safe.  Bad things might happen.  You might also have some profound experiences.  It's not a door that is easily closed once you open it.  Think carefully about whether you want to complicate your life in this fashion.

If you are determined that you want to explore your potential, then I recommend starting with foundation skills and basic energy work and shielding.  There is information at in the articles section.

Before you work on opening yourself up and exploring, you should first learn how to defend yourself and block unwanted input.

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