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victims released
victims released  
First off, this is VERY important to me. On the night following the school shooting in Connecticut,  12/14/2012, I had a dream. In my dream I was in a room surrounded by the children who were killed. When I woke up Saturday morning, I remembered the dream and also remembered the names of two of the children. One sat in my lap, a little boy, and the little girl stood in front of me. I was just talking to then and asking what they wanted for Christmas.  I also remembered their names, Charlotte and Samuel. I felt like everyone would think I was crazy if I told them so I sent a text message to myself with the details of the dream so I would have proof that I spoke to the children and I couldn't have possibly known the names as they had not yet been released. The text is dated 12/15/2012 and it was 9:01 am. The victims names were not released until Saturday afternoon somewhere around 3 or 3:30. The first name on the list that I saw was Charlotte,  but there was no Samuel. I still knew without a shadow of a doubt that my "dream" was more than a dream. Today I looked up all 8 boys obituaries and was down to the last one, Noah Samuel Pozner. The middle names were not included in the original list. I need to know what this means about me and how am I to interpret the significance behind it. This is not a "coincidence " as I have been told. I have carefully read each obituary trying to find a connection. Why would they come to me? I live in Texas and don't know anyone from up north. The dream was not scary at all. The children were all very happy. And the most important question, should I attempt to contact the family and tell them? I know I would want to know.

Hi Kim,

Choosing to the contact the families is a really hard decision.  Some of them will be Christian, and not open to knowing that their child is now a happy spirit.  Some will welcome the knowledge with open arms, Christian or not.  Others will think you are trying to get something from them, or invade their privacy and question your motives .. I've had those reactions and more.  

What I suggest you do is leave it alone for at least three to six months before making contact with anyone.  If the furor does die down with the political stuff blowing up over gun laws, and media are notorious for moving on to some new disaster the minute they find one, it will be easier to talk to one person or another.  And there will be many people like you, who have dreamed of the children, wanting to also reassure the families that their children are just fine.

It will be interesting if you find out that Noah's family actually call him Samuel.  That will be confirmation for you that the dream was real, if you doubt it at all.  I don't.  I am sure you dreamed exactly what you did.

The next question was 'why you'?  Perhaps because you are totally unconnected with the families of the children and have no interest in anything but passing on anything but a message of love?  Perhaps its because this is part of your life lessons, as a medium, or an agreement you made with one of the children before you all came into the world?  We can't always fathom how Spirit/God works, but there's always a good reason for it.

I know Australians are also in shock over this whole incident.  Anyone with children will be grieving for the parents.  The kids, now in spirit, will also be watching over their parents, and trying to comfort them.  Hopefully the parents will also be receiving dream visits as well.  Things like that are happening more often now.

Is there a facebook page you might post a message on about this event?  You might start there, if you don't want to wait for too long.

Love & Peace

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