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QUESTION: I've had something wake me up every morining at 3-3.30 am, with scatches on my right hand, it has already swollen twice it's size, was red and would have black & blues all over my body. I would then go into the bathroom and see a razor propped up on a large bandaid. I also had literally thousands of dollars of my personal belongings going missing, nevr found. Or sometimes, i'd put something down, go to get it later on and in it's place would be a picture of me at 6 yrs old, the age i was molested. I've had crosses that i deceased father made me, turn upside down inside a wastepaper basket. I've gotten a safe with a combination lock to put my exensive fragrances in and jewelry, go to it the next day and half of it was gone and in it's place was a plastic tray with 2 pennies inside and some gravel from outside. Just recently, i went to my closet and saw 18 pcs of shirts that were put on pants hangars. I never do that. I've also had holy wafers from our church for christmas, moved and put in the freezer. Once, my 25 yr old sons handgun was taken out of it's holster and placed ontop of his bed with a clip of bullets beside it. Nobody even touched his gun at all. This happened when he was away. So much more has happened, but it would take forever to get it all out. It's been going on since last summer. I've had a paranormal team come in to investigate, but they aren't done with it yet. Their EMF meter lit up like crazy here in the attic and on my back. I was choked by something unseen when they were speaking to this thing. The temperature was 80 degrees, and when the paranormal team asked this to lower the temp, it went down to 60 degrees within seconds. I dont know what to do anymore. I've had my house blessed by the priest, done the sage cleansings,ect, t's still here. if you have any suggestions, pls tell me. I dont know of any mediums and dont have the money to pay one. i need prayers desperately. thank you

ANSWER: Hello Annette,

 Thank you for contacting me. I am so glad that you did as I feel that I am the most qualified to offer the best answer, at least one that has not a lot of new age mumbo jumbo or spiritual rhetoric. You don't need that as it sounds as if you have enough confusion in your life right now. I am also glad that you chose to make this inquiry public instead of private. I have successfully dealt with issues very similar to yours in the past but because they were kept private, others were not able to benefit from the advice. That being said, there is a chance that you will not like what I will be saying. That is your choice.

 I believe that there is not a lot that is paranormal in this situation. That is not to say that there is not some otherworldly activity going on, but I believe that that is not the underlying issue, nor the source of your situation. In my opinion, I feel that there is a lot that could be explained parapsychologically and psychologically. Before I get too much into that I'll address the "paranormal" items that you mention. The team that you brought in will be the best to consult in regards to the EMF readings and temp. differences. As I do not know who the team is I cannot vouch for their quality.

 As for activity happening around the 3 AM mark, a lot of people like to associate 3 with satanic properties. The fact of the matter is is that paranormal activity may be slowed down by high electromagnetic fields. The earths natural EMF is lowest between 2 and 4 in the morning regardless of where one is on the earth -  with 3 AM falling right in the middle of those times. In other words, wherever one is where the current time is between 2 AM and 4 AM, the earths fields in that zone are at their lowest.

 The second issue that I will bring up is having your house blessed by a priest. That was your biggest error in dealing with this. It has been documented for decades that having a religious ceremony to attempt to rid the home of an unwanted malicious ghost or entity only makes matters worse. I am going to bet that you had the priest in before the saging. I will also bet that the activity abated for a short time, and then returned with a vengeance. When the Eidolon Project Canada, my team clears a site of unwanted quests we keep the rites and ceremonies as generic and secular as possible unless there is evidence that the entity specifically wants a mass or other rite. That is what works. As a side point, I cringe when I read of someone giving another advice about grabbing the holy water, nearest priest or any other religious icon to ward off poltergeist activity or any activity caused by one with malicious intent. It is like reading someone give another advice to pour gasoline on a kitchen fire to douse it... big mistake! This is important - I am not telling you to give up your faith. Keep your faith, but keep it personal. Do not throw it in the face of the evil, especially if you do not know the origin of that evil. By all means pray, ask for divine aid and for protection - for yourself and your loved ones. For now internalize your beliefs, do not externalize them. That does not diminish or lessen your faith but it will help put an end the the annoyance that the entity is rebelling against.

 Okay, now for the psychological / parapsychological aspects of my reply, the part that you may not agree with. I have to be honest with you and not give you pseudo-advise such as, "It will all be okay... just hail Michael and click your heels together three times...". As I say, I have dealt with this before. The names and places are different, but the underlying problem is the same. It is important that you do not think that I am about to attack your mental state. Address it- yes, attack it- no.

 If you had been accidentally burned when you were young, it is likely that you would carry the physical scars. You are wearing scars, those caused by an attack when you were six. The scars that I refer to are on your psyche, they are within your mind and are obviously still painful to this day. I say the latter because you decided that it was important that you mention the molestation although you wrote about paranormal activity. That shows an unconscious(?) desire on your part to have this issue dealt with. Here goes...

 There is a possibility that you are responsible for a lot of the activity that you are experiencing, although you obviously are not consciously aware of it. Could you have an "alter"? That is possible. When one goes through mental, physical and emotional trauma the resulting damage can manifest in many ways. One is that a dissociative disorder develops. I will not go as far as to say that you have developed a definite alter, that is an alternative personality, as that is rather extreme, but not uncommon in victims of assault, especially when they are sexual in essence and done to the young. It is a coping mechanism. Studies have shown that people who have developed alters often look upon them and recognize them as "evil" entities" or malevolent ghosts! These people also report malicious  paranormal activity. The studies were not done by parapsychologists or paranormal researchers as one might think. These studies were done by doctors and others in the medical / psychology / psychiatric fields and were done for scientific medical, not psychical, research.

 You are never alone as you may think. None of us are. We are always with ourselves and our "self" actually contains two personalities sharing one brain, the right brain you and the left brain you. Okay, that is over simplified, but split brain studies have shown that it is possible for the right hand to not know what the left hand is doing. In terms of paranormal research, in a number of document cases, objects that have been thrown during an investigation were actually thrown by the person reporting the activity. When questioned, they honestly had no idea that they were throwing the objects themselves! With your history there is no doubt that you have strong feelings and memories, many of which may be repressed. You may be unconsciously acting upon these emotions. One way of exteriorizing these feelings is by psychokinesis. Poltergeist-like activity can be caused by people in extreme stress and is called Recurring Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) or Stress Induced Psychokinesis (SIPK) which can also be spontaneous and recurrent. What these two dollar terms boil down to is that the agent (you) is causing the movement, noises, electrical disturbances, tactile hallucinations of physical attack, temperature changes and other activity that one would normally associate with an entity poltergeist haunting. Did you notice that you were physically present for all of the reported activity the team pick up? If this is the case you are both the haunter and the hauntee.

 Another avenue of approach to your situation is that you are in an altered state of consciousness at certain times of the day, particularly during the night when you assume that you are sleeping. There is every possibility that you are sleepwalking. Impossible to do the things that you report in a sleep state? Here in Toronto Canada in 1987 or so, a man drove 24km (14 miles) through traffic to his inlaws and fatally stabbed his mother -in-law and seriously attacked her husband. He was fast asleep at the time (he was also found not guilty of charges). If that can happen, and there are more cases than that one, imagine the ordinary, mundane things that can occur during similar episodes of a sleep disorder, such as unlocking a safe, taking out the gun (incidentally, based on the information above- get rid of the gun).
Again, given your situation, I would rank unconscious activity by you during episodes of alternate consciousness as a high possibility and one that holds the most logic for the occurrences.  

 The above is fairly simple to figure out if it holds any validity. You will need to set up conditions that will allow you to discover if you are active at periods when you think that you are idle, as when you assume yourself to be asleep. If you have access to a video camera, set it up to record yourself sleeping. You will want to purchase a motion detector and set it up in your room. This is to alert others that you are active as you may ignore it. Also watch out for missing time when you review the tape as that would indicate that you unconsciously turned off and/or erased material on the tape while in a sleep state. In other words, treat yourself as a suspect because until proof to the contrary is available, you are a suspect!

 Annette, at this time I would not continue with the paranormal route anymore than you already have. I mean, you do not need a medium at this time. I would suggest that you see a councilor or psychologist and see if you are indeed acting out in an unconscious manner. Again, I must stress that you are not psychotic. You do however have a deep issue that may be influencing your existence on a psychological / parapsychological manner. You are not sick, you are dealing with being a victim. ALso, keep your faith, but keep it privately for now. Along with your deity, you will also want to ask the Archangel Michael for his ongoing protection. Again, do this personally, do not throw this in the face of the entity. Incidentally, Michael does not need a long drawn out incantation to receive his help. Simply ask - he knows who he is and what you need without a lot of to-do. If you do want something more elaborate, I can send you the incantations used by RC exorcists or the one used by RC Archbishops to call on Michael. Also ask that your gate keepers (astral bouncers) watch out over you. Also ask your guardian spirits and guardian angels to keep you protected. Tell them if they need backup, to get extra guardians. As a caution, make certain that you only ask for your astral beings (guides, gate keepers, angels) from the pure white light.

 You will definitely need to take time to relax as your stress is an overlying cause of the majority of your problems. The haunting seems like a mild typical haunting, the rest I believe is being unconsciously and spontaneously a result of your emotional and psychical stresses. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the more that you dwell on the situation, the more you stress, the more you stress, the bigger it gets so the more you stress... and so on and so on- a "catch 22" situation.

 There will likely be more questions and concerns that will arise from this correspondence, so feel free to get back in contact with me with a follow up if needed. I hope that this has helped in some way. Although you may not agree with my assessment of your situation, please give it some thought.

 Take care and have a great holiday.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for the reply, i have considered your advice to heart. I just wanted to let you know a few more things that have happened recently. I went to the bathroom before going to bed, picked up a book in my room, my husband was beside me. All of a sudden i felt a burning on my lower left leg. I lifted up my pajama pants and there was an inch long razor like cut on my leg. I ran my finger over this cut and it was slightly raised. My husband was so upset. I then went back to the bathroom to pee,, excuse the language, and the wastepaper basket was sitting directly in front of the toilet. I was the onl one who used the bathroom a few minutes before this occurance. I showed my husband that and he was spooked. Also, my son was running the vacuum yesterday morning when the vacuume shut off, so he went downstairs and hit the breaker, came back up and turned the sweeper on again. it shut off again, this happened 3 more times! So my son said, i quit. My husband came downstairs and we told him what happened, so he turend the sweeper on and it worked just fine. Also my son bought me 2 pkg of ciggs, but they were his brand. i put them on my micowave then went to bed. The next day, one pack was gone and the other pakc was open. When i went to my car, i opened up my ashtry and inside were nothing but all of my sons brand of cigg buts, yet he wasn't even in my car at all recently. None of my cigg butts were even in there. Also the emails that i got from the paranormal team would get deleted every time they'd write to me. And just last night, my husband noticed a large scratch on my bottom. I didnt hurt myself at all. I've heard loud bangs in the kitchen afrer my husband yelled at this thing to leave our house. My dogs even came running into the room. So much more happened to me but it would take foever to tell you. i hope you had a wonderful holiday, and thank you aain fo your help. tk care

ANSWER: Hi Annette,

There is little doubt in my mind that there is poltergeist-like activity in your home. I still feel that there may be some psychokinetic energy that has a living person as it's source. I need to ask a few questions that will help me narrow this down abit.

1- Have you ever noticed water where there shouldn't be any, for example in an area where there are no potted plants or faucets?

2- Have you ever5 noticed any odors that have no logical reason to be present? If so what do the odors smell like?

3- Is there any one living in the home that is in or nearing adolescence / puberty? Is she female?

4- Have there been unexplainable burn marks or small fires break out?

5- Have any of the objects that have a "mind of their own" ever been seen in the process of moving or is the discovery always an aftermath?

6- Do the occurrences stop if a specific person is away from the house?

7- Have there been projectiles such as pebbles thrown at anyone?

 The physical attacks on the body is indicative of a poltergeist haunting. However, it is not uncommon for people under stress to unknowingly inflect injuries. The mind is fully capable of causing the body to react to thoughts. Stigmata is one example. I always advise that if one is uncertain if injuries are self inflected, that one should go to bed wearing mittens for awhile.  Also, it is not uncommon for a person to scratch themselves and not even notice until later - I've done it a million times. Usually the conversation goes like this, "Where did you get the scratch?", "I don't know... probably the cat..." I actually had a cut on my hand the other day and have no idea where or how I got it - I didn't notice until I was cooking and looking down toward my hands. Victims of RSPK have been known to telekinetcally cause injury to themselfs and others - but then again, so have entity poltergeists.

 It is odd that the power had to be turned on at the breaker so many times, but as  professionals we would first make certain that the sweeper was operating okay and that the circuit was not overloaded. Sometimes surges enter homes, that is why people hook up expensive electronics to power bars that prevent the surge from frying their equipment. My team has a qualified electrician on board as so much paranormal activity seems linked to strange power phenomena that we like to be able to rule out the logical - and 99% of the time there is a reasonable explanation for what happens.

 If this is indeed a poltergeist entity you will have to stop playing into it's hands. It is playing you and your family like puppets and it is pulling all of the right strings to get you to feed it energy. Think of a poltergeist as the school yard bully. He wants you to be afraid because in his sociopathic, neurotic mind, that feeds his power. Always remember that ghosts are human. That does not change because one has died. If this person was a trouble maker, sociopathic and mentally unstable in life, being dead hasn't changed that. Actually, he can get away with more now than before because there is no one there to stop him. That is why priests are so ineffective. Now every time that this psychopath causes trouble in your home, you and yours react. You feed him the energy that he needs. Stop reacting and he will for a time make more trouble - a rebellion (temper tantrum)... but he will tire of his antics when he discovers that they are no longer effective. Poltergeists are gluttens and will feed as long as there are people willing to set the table for them. That is the number one reason why poltergeists are so distructive, they thrive on the energy that the people produce give them. Those energies come from fear, confusion, anger, hate... they feed on negative energies as that is the easiest energy to provoke in the living. My advise is to stop reacting. Stop feeding the parasite and it will look for greener pastures. This is one of the reasons that poltergeist hauntings are usually of a shorter time period than a haunting by an "average Joe ghost". Poltergeists, like any bully, will look for another victim if he can not create the actions and reactions any longer. They don't leave because they are unwanted, they leave because someone put a lock on the emotional feed bag. This is also why poltergeist hauntings are among the hardest to get rid of. Often times the bad guys win and people just move out. It is not due to the weakness of the people involved, but rather the unbridaled strengths of some on the other side.

 I look forward to hearing back from you with your answers to the questions that I asked. I know that this is hard, but as I stated before, slow down and ease up. Lowing your stress level will help. The more you dwell on this, the worse it will get. It's called the nocebo, as opposed to the placebo, effect. In short, you are what you think, the subconscious mind takes everything at face value. Take time for you and do not give in to this bully.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I truly cannot tell you how  much youre advice is appreciated. Here are the answers to your questions. 1. We've seen water apprear above the kitchen sink where there are no pipes! So yes, that has happened. 2. We've never smelled any odors that shouldnt have been there. 3. I've had a incidence just a few days ago when i was on the bathroom floor looking for a particular powder, cosmetic, and when i turned my back for a second, a tube of tinted moisturizer flew out of my cosmetic holder against the bathroom door! And nobody has ever had any pebbles thrown at them. As for my belongings missing, i've truly never found any of them. And i'm talking over $10,000 worth of clothing, jewelry, cometics and expensive fragrances. It's like, whenever I WAS trying to hide something that i didnt want stolen, THAT is what made it WANT to take from me.I've checked everywhere,, the attic corners, cellar, empty boxes, under carpets, ect. It would fill up two roomfulls if ever found, that is how much was taken from me. I kept blaming my husband  because i couldnt figure out who in all gods name would steal those kinds of things from me. I checked online, as my husband has a sex addicton and that is what we always fought about, but he is in counseling since last summer, but not improving much. So it said online that sometimes men who have addictions like that, take away their wives personal belongings as a way to control then. dont bring up my addicton andi wont take your things. thats what i thought was going on. and why i left him, it's when i moved iunto another house, things got even worse! And it wasn't until i got a home security sysytem in that my things were still being taken and also getting cuts and bruises on me. i even went to the hosptial and they took pics of y injuries. so much more has happened, but everytime id document what happened, this thing would take it from me. so i keep things in my memory now and i remember things when you ask me about some of them. and again, thank you so so much! I justt want to be back to normal again!

Hi Annette,

 The additional information sheds a whole new light on what may be occurring in your home. Although it supports my theory that the cause of the activity may be due to a living agent, it changes who this agent may be. If you recall I was suggesting that perhaps it was you, due to stress that was the one, at least partially, responsible for much of the activity via Recurrent Spontaneous / Stress Induced Psychokinesis. You will also recall that I suggested that you may unwillingly be entering a dissociative state and/or be suffering from an altered state of consciousness and acting out unknowingly and unwillingly.

  However, you may not be the one causing the occurrences. please find the following excerpt from Wikipedia regarding research and theories put forth by Dr. Patric Carnes under the heading of Psychological Distress Theories regarding Sexual Addiction:
  "Dissociation Prior to acting out sexually, the sex addict goes through a period of mental preoccupation or obsession. Sex addict begins to dissociate (moves away from his or her feelings). A separation begins to take place between his or her mind and his or her emotional self.
  Altered state of consciousness / a trance state / bubble of euphoric fantasized experience Sex addict is emotionally disconnected and is pre-occupied with acting out behaviours. The reality becomes blocked out/distorted."

 The key words in the above are "Dissociation" and "Altered State of Consciousness" Sound familiar? If this holds true, my original thoughts were in line with a human agent as the main cause of the problems, although without the additional information you recently supplied, whom that particular agent is/was was in error... unless it is a combined unconscious effort where you are both partially responsible for the RSPK/SIPK.

 As for the items disappearing, I do not want to wander too far out of this area of expertise, but in my past I have worked in the mental health industry. To be honest, I do not know of too many addictions that do not involve expenses. Addicts often go to extremes to to insure a supply of cash to the demands of their addictions. However, it is not in my place to make accusations. That is as far as I'll go on that issue - but I'm sure that you are intelligent enough to read between the lines.

 The next question is, are you actually host to a ghost? The atmosphere in your home is right and ripe for attracting astral energies, usually of a more negative nature, so yes, you may very well be subject to a haunting. Humid hot climates attract mosquitoes and oppressive, negative climates in a residence can attract ghosts and other entities.

 In the mean time, wait for the findings of the group that you employed. They are in a better, hands on position, to evaluate the situation from your end. Personally, I would be surprised if there was a lot, in light of my theories, that they would find paranormal in essence. It is paramount that they do not see a ghost behind every shadow, a specter behind every noise, as the vast majority of "ghost hunters' do. If they are taking charge with an open mind, and did not go in with preassumptions or expectations, then their opinions should be of some value. Again, do not over obsess with your situation. Instead, put it in perspective. Believe me, it could be worse. Keep up with your faith, call on your guardians and gate keepers. Visualize a cone of pure white light enveloping your home, and a smaller one personally enveloping you. Above all else - relax.

 As we covered addictions in this reply, perhaps you would like to take a look at a video called, "What the Bleep Do We Know". Although it covers quantum physics, there is a good part of it concerned with addictions. Otherwise, it is a bit boring so you may wish to skip the first half hour. The link follows:

 I would also like to thank you for your kind words. I do not accept ratings or brownie points. I prefer to answer from the heart and shoot from the hip. If I am worried about offending someone, or worst, bias my answers toward a "10 out of 10" then I will answer with what I assume will please the reader, and that may not always be the truth. Because of that, I do not get a lot of response from questioners - so I honestly appreciate it when I receive a kind word or two. Thanks again and ciao for now!  

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