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Greg Pocha wrote at 2012-12-28 14:38:54
Hi, I am Greg Pocha, also an expert at AllExperts in the category of Paranormal Phenomena. Just because a cleansing does not work the first time doesn't mean that cleansings don't work. I am certain that you have washed clothing that had to go through the washer more than once. Some places have more residual energy to get rid of and one "washing" is not always enough. You must also realize that sage is only one of the herbs used. There are herbs such as sweetgrass and mugwort that are used in cleansings. Some are meant to invoke positive energy and others to rid a site of negative energies. Invocation and cleansing should be done separately. It is important to bring positive energy into the home to fill the vacuum created by the removal. Even the realm of death like nature (after all, it is a part of nature) abhors a vacuum. Your heart was in the right place, however your methods were in error. There is more to cleansing a residence that fanning smoke through out the home. I hope that this has shed some additional light on your situation. Take care.

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