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QUESTION: Hello, I need some guide here...
I remember having contact with things I can't see since I was a kid. In different times of my life, I have seen things, I have feel things, they even had touch me...
The thing is that the last months/years (maybe 2) some stuff is happening very often.
Like feeling someone is almost always with me. Watching me. Moving things for  one place to another, or dissapearing them, and then later (seconds/days/weeks) they are back on its place. I don't see the things flying in front on me, I never see things moving, all happens when I'm not watching. But I can feel when is here
There have been several times that I wake up at night because a feel my feet lifting From the bed, one foot or both. This is lately. Before, some years ago I remeber a time when I felt like levitating From my bed, like once a week. Was like for months, then stopped I think.
I have a 2yo baby and I don't remember any moment like the one that just happened one week ago. I was taking a shower while my baby was taking a bath. She was singing to me "twinkle twinkle" watching my eyes, I went down closer to her and she was singing every time louder and louder,  she was so happy, then suddenly stop singing and stop watching me to stare right next to my head at my left side, and she got like shy and mad, like if some authority (me, daddy, grandma) told her to stop singing in a bad mood. I asked her why did she stop singing, what was happening and she didn't looked at me again or talk or sing, Then she keept playing in the tub. About ten minutes later we were still there and she started singing again that song that shee loves to sing the whole day, and again I went closer and she rising the volume, and again she stopped doing the same, the same just happened again, then I was like mad at the "thing", then I felt like confussed because I was not afraid of it, I kind of like it, I want to know more about this, what does it wants or what can it do. But I really didn't like what happenend with my girl.
I don't know if there are more than one around me, one doing good things and another not, or is the same one just playing or what. There have been some times that makes favors like turning off a cigarrete when I left it in a bad place to live a lighted up one. Sometimes puts in front of me things that i need or will need. I don't know, it's weird.
I would like to know more about it, what is your opinion in this case. I have been searching about this, I'm not religious, perhaps I believe in energy, faith, and praying. I already asked for diffrrent opinions, even with friends or family christians, catholics, atheists, etc. And all of them end up saying is bad or devil or whatever wrong and stop paying attention or search for help to get rid of it.

ANSWER: Hello Paola,

I don't know about bad or evil, given its not done you any real harm that I can see, but I don't like the thought of your daughter being upset by some entity you can't see or control, so I'm with the folk that say 'clear your home' of ghosts.  The kids these days are so much more aware of the unseen than we are, and although she was only grumpy with whomever told her to stop singing .. singing raises the level of good energy in a home, and no one should be asked to stop doing that by something they can't control.

Your desire to know more about the entity is feeding it your energy, which is not healthy for you as a person.  If it is a negative being, like a ghost, then it will become stronger and more attached to you, if it isn't already, and can end up influencing your moods .. in other words, if it's angry you'll become angry for no reason, or if it's miserable, you will be too.  Allowing something like that to hang around you is not a good idea, particularly when you have little kids to look after.  

I am worried that the entity is getting stronger, using your energy without permission, because it can now raise your feet.  Do you want that to continue?  Do you want the 'being watched' (anywhere, anytime, no privacy anymore) to continue?  And the other thought is - do you want your daughter to stop singing her favourite song because the entity tells her she shouldn't at any time?  Who is boss in your house?  It or you?

Clear your home.  You could ask the minister of your local church to come in and bless your home, or you could ask a medium to come in, talk to the ghost and cross it into heaven, or you could use this Invocation to ask the angels to do the same.    The instructions on how to do this are on the webpage.  Clear your energy with it first, then change the Invocation, following the instructions, to clear your home.  Don't allow something else, or someone, else, to boss around your daughter, even if you are curious about what it is .. or what it might be capable of.  Don't give it a chance to do either of you any harm.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for your time for sharing your knowledge. It is very helpful to me. I already read the Michael Angel invocation and I feel good.
You know what, now that you say that about it can change my mood, is already happening to me, since like three months ago, I thought it was hormonal but it was very weird on me so I went to the doctor and everithing was fine, I guess now I know the reason.. I kind of have that under control because I can control how I manage my emotions. But there was always the thng that i have to be fighting with the feeling anger or sadness for no reason. And yes, I'm tired of fighting with that, I don't like when it wakes me up, I don't like my girl being bothered, I do want my privacy back. I did want to know more but I think I don't want to live this at this time. The issue with my baby girl was just wrong, I don't want anything to happen with my girl.
I do like The Michael Angel invocation, I rally thank you. I think, with this invocation, I can have things under control. But when is when is a good time for look for assistence on cleaning me, cause I think is me and not the place because the thing happen wherever I go, at any time, even in different countries cause I travel very often between Mexico and US.
The other thing here, I really do bealieve that there is someone, since I can't relate, that is looking after me. Is always talking to me, but without words, like with feeling, sensations and thoughs. It can tell me From "take and umbrella" when I'm going out in a sunny day and later start to rain, or a "don't go there" and save my day, or avoid an accident. Once I did not pay attention to a "don't go there" and I had a car crash.
I got use to pay attention to this feelings and thoughs, but I think (don't know) that I opened my mind to this and to another many things at the same time. Can you tell me how to get more in contact with this without inviting others to come ? I do want to keep practicing my gifts and I would like to know some one to guide  me, but I don't really don't know people in those areas. I'm starting my research. Not talking  about ghosts anymore, an example is  i have had experiences with telephaty, now that I know I'm able to it I need a master to teach me how to work it. Do you know something about it or know someone who can help me?
Sorry for the bad english

ANSWER: Hello again,

I am not worried about bad english unless I can't understand what someone wants, and you are very clear and easy to understand.

I cannot recommend a teacher for you in your area, but I do recommend that you have person-to-person teaching, not internet teaching.  You can learn a lot more that way, and the teacher will be able to see how you are coping, not just try and work it out from what you write to that person.

The 'good' voice might be one of your guides or angels.  Do you meditate?  If you do, do a meditation and ask whomever is speaking to you to appear in the meditation, so that you can see them and know what they look like.  I also ask all my new guides to give me their names, quite clearly, so I have something to address them by.  I also ask "Do you come to me in the name of Jesus Christ"?  They should answer "Yes, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ" (or something very close to that).  If they don't answer immediately, or try and get out of answering, or pretend its not important .. I ask my guardian angel to clear them away from me.  The Michael Invocation works really well for that.  We all have guardian angels standing behind our right shoulder, from the group governed by Archangel Michael.

I also hear my guardian and guides the way you describe, so keep doing what you are doing, because its obviously working.  When you go to talk to your guides, first shield yourself ..  There are two shields on that page, learn them and use them .. to keep negative entities our of the house, and your energy.  You can also wrap one around your daughter each day, if you feel the need.  Once shielded talk to them as if you can hear and feel everything they are telling you.  It's good to practise for a while each day, but not spend all day at it.  Guides are supposed to 'guide', which is help us with suggestions once in a while, if we truly need it, they are not supposed to be the total focus of each day.  

Now, the Invocation can be said at any time you think there is a ghost, or any other entity you are unsure of, around you.  You have done it the first time, and hopefully also for your home, so that should have cleared away any entities that have been around for a while.  Do it again in three days time, just to make sure.  And then, keep a copy of it handy, as I said, for 'clearing' if it becomes necessary.

Good luck finding a master.  I never had one.  I was taught by angels.  Perhaps you can ask them to teach you too?

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I checked out the white light shield, i was imagining  the egg growing  and everything while  reading  for the first time, and when I get inside the door  vanishes pretty quick, then I read your question "does the doorway then vanish?" OMG wow that felt sooo good. I don't meditate very often.

I did meditation  only  a few times in my life  but I don't know techniques I just close my eyes, relax and flow feeling happy and joyfull. I see a brilliant  dot and as I concentrate on it, it becames bigger and  brighter  and can cover everithing.

My angel then, he is always taken care of me, since I can't relate. I can remember a lot of times when he or she called me very hard and I did not pay attention, and things happened. Since I pay attention to when I feel it , I'm sure everithing goes better.

This is the first time I look for help, about  the master I don't where to look for, I hope I find one some day in my way. I will  follow  what  you said about  asking name and try to see how looks, and for sure asking to teach me more. Again  thank you very much I'll try to find out more about my angel

My first experience with the 'egg' was much like yours, Paola.  I was stunned and delighted too, and after years of 'testing' it, I think they are wonderful.

Meditation can be as simple as focusing on something in your mind and relaxing.  It doesn't have to be complicated or difficult.  You want to achieve a sense of peace, as you said.

And yes, your own personal guardian angel (from the Michael group) has been with you since before you were born, and will walk you into whichever heaven you believe in.  Everyone has at least one of them, with other angels and guides around them.  We choose them, to help us during our lives.  And its good to pay attention when they speak .. or learn from our mistakes .. so they don't have to try and rescue us very often. LOL

Wishing you a wonderful 2013,

Love & Peace

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