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Me and my partner were living in a unit and a lot of unexplainable things happened, you always felt a presence around in the unit. At the time I was pregnant and one night my partner went out and I was watching tv then suddenly it felt like someone was crawling on the bed I was really scared I didn't tell my partner about it, then couple weeks later I was in the living room and my partner was sleep in bedroom , he came running out panicking then he told me it felt like someone was crawling on the bed and so I knew it wasn't just in my head, things would move and bang in the corner of the living room and it was very very cold in the unit, when I would have a shower I sit on a chair cause I was pregnant and didn't want to slip  but the light would flicker n a looked like shadow behind me this happened a lot, we finally moved out of ther when I was nine months and are in a different unit my son is 7 weeks old and this week he formula tin was in the fridge and me and my partner didn't put it in there, then last night I had his bassinet next to me cause I was on the couch I put his dummy wich was attached to a blue ribbon in the bassinet and them we fell asleep I'm a light sleeper my partner was in the bedroom wit door closed in the night my partner woke me up saying the baby is crying why couldn't you hear him cause he was right next to me so I didn't understand I got up looking for his dummy and couldn't find it I asked my partner but he didn't know so I went and got another one in the morning I woke up my partner was at work and so i gave my son his bottle and I had to pick him up and the dummy that went missing was not on him so gave him bottle got his mat wit toys dangling and played wit him on the floor dummy still not in sight my son was getting upset so I started to look for the dummy all in his bassinet and sheets both couches my sheets both bed rooms still couldn't find it went back to my son to sooth him then went on my balcony for a smoke and when I came back in there was the dummy laying on my sons belly wich is impossible I discussed it with my partner and I suggested that could a ghost block out my hearing so I couldn't hear my son crying so it could take his dummy. Can u help

Hello Louisa,

Was the baby crying when you woke up?  I know you are a light sleeper, but even light sleepers will sleep very deeply when they are worn out, and won't hear the baby crying, once in a while.  No, a ghost didn't block your ears.  You were probably far away in your dreams.

I wish ghosts and fairies wouldn't borrow things, but they do.  At least you got the dummy back.  I would state firmly that whomever better not take it again, if it ever happens again.  In the meantime, its better not to be haunted, so here is an Invocation you can use to keep your home clear.  

Read the whole webpage, so you understand what you are doing, and then say the Invocation out loud, the first time to clear yourself, and then adapt it to clear your home.  It doesn't matter if you don't believe in angels or religion, it works just as well for athiests.    You could also ask your partner to do it.  That should take care of any lingering entities.

Wishing you a great day,
Love & Peace

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