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Paranormal Phenomena/Ghosts interrupting a cell phone call?


The other night I was on the phone with my boyfriend at about 11 pm. I was multitasking looking up something on the internet with my ipod touch, so i was only half paying attention to him on the line. All of the sudden I started hearing static and loud strange noise, and steady breathing coming from his end. It sounded like he was doing something making noise but his breathing was very clear and steady. I asked him about three times what he was doing, no answer but the breathing continued along with loud noise so I hung up. I got a strange feeling that something was wrong with him. I called back & it went straight to voicemail. He then called me back twice, but when i answered the line was dead. About 7 min later and he third time he called me back i could hear him and he was freaking out. I asked him what he was doing when I heard him breathing and he wasnt answering me and he said that wasnt him and he heard the breathing as well. He also said that his phone made 2 outgoing calls to random numbers not in his phone that looked like international numbers. He heard static and crystal clear voices when these calls were made. He said he thought what he just witnessed was "white noise". He does not believe in ghosts. I didnt ask him what they were saying bc quite frankly I was scared and didnt want to know. I tried calming him down saying at&t was probably having network problems, and that it could be something similar to when you would play with walkie-talkies as a kid and pick up others frequency's and hear their convo. However I know that does not explain what happened at all. So, my question is, technology messing up or ghost interferance? Any logical explanations?

Logical explanation:  Yes, it is technology messing up.  You would be best asking someone who's an expert in cell phone technology for the reason behind the overlapping signals.  Cell phones are NOT considered a secure form of you know why!

Your cell phone signals can be intercepted, and interfered with.

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