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Hello Ama,

 I personally have not had the chance to witness what in regards to I'm reaching out to you today. Although I have been explained in detail what had occurred. Alright so about a day or two ago now I was up very late doing what I usually like to do, which is play some video games until very late. Sometimes I don't feel like sleeping and just stay until my girlfriend gets home from work which is around 6 or 7 in the morning. Yesterday morning I had my headset on so I was unable to hear the screams but eventually my girlfriend came and got me. She explained to be that she had stepped in through the front door and the moment she had done so she saw a figure made of light or as though there was bright light shining onto "it". She mentioned the figure had a head, arms, and shoulders. She also said that this figure had walked 2 feet away in front of her and looked as though it had come down from the stairs on the left and across into the living-room on the right. Where it carefully went in between the couches until she turned the light on and screamed. I really am just wondering what kind of spirit this could be, because I have lived in this house for about 9 years. I have walked through every inch of this house (which is no older than 15 to 20 years old) countless times through pitch darkness trying to find the light switch and have not seen a thing. That's what bothers me the most, if this were to be a ghost why now on this house that has never given me any type of creepy feeling?

Hello IvanX,

Did the entity notice your girlfriend as it wandered through the house?  It appears it was aware of the furniture.  

It doesn't matter how old, or new, a house is.  If a ghost or spirit decides to visit they can come and go to suit themselves, unless we do something to block them.  

What it is?  Well, spirits only usually visit to give us messages and return to heaven.  Ghosts visit because they like the energy of either the house, or the occupants, more likely the latter simply because they feed from our negative energy.  If the house doesn't have a turbulent history, then its likely the ghost was checking out the two of you, before moving on.  An entity made of light is a way of describing a ghost, also elemental beings (nature spirits who can also take on humanoid shapes) .. but then again, it could have been an alien .. but I go more with ghosts, since there are more of them around than people realise.  

Ghosts don't always come with creepy feelings.  Often that feeling is what we produce ourselves, when we suddenly realise there is a ghost.

Have you seen ghosts before?  You might simply not have the gift of being able to, but do both of you a favour, and believe  your girlfriend if it happens again and you still don't see anything, even if the two of you are standing together when it happens.

Love & Peace

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