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QUESTION: Hi, my name is Clayton and I have a question that hasn't even been close to being answered by any other experts. Everyone who i have asked so far either writes back with a de-bunk that is completely ridiculous or tell me that it did not happen and that I "misinterpreted" the writing,but regardless i will ask you my question.

Around eleven years ago I saw my name written in the clouds outside of my house. I have rarely spoken of this to anyone, outside of my family and a couple friends no one knows that this happened because basically no one believes me, but the best thing of all is I have a witness, my brother. We both saw it plain as day written perfectly, the letters made of clouds. Other experts have tried to tell me it was a plane writer but i live in a rural area of around 50 people within 15 square miles and i have never seen a plane writer in my entire life. Also my name is rare ive only know of 2 other people with the same name as me and none around the same area or even close.

My question is, what could this have meant? Or what was it made by? Ive pondered over this for a long time and i just want another opinion. Please you have to take me seriously no one else does besides the people tha know me personally. Thank you for your time.

Best of wishes,

ANSWER: Greetings Clayton,

Thank you for contacting me via, I would very much like to assist you with your question.

Firstly, I am sorry that you have not been satisfied with the response of other "experts", as you may have noticed by my introduction, I won't ever immediately disregard something without looking into all possibilities and ruling them out one-by-one.

Now, although I have not heard of this type of event before, there is always a reason and explanation behind it. Of course I will give you my opinion but it will be based on a Spiritual point of view. Don't worry, I believe you and I will look at the Spiritual and logical explanations for you so hopefully I can help.

Okay, so you say that it couldn't have been a Plane or a Sky Writer so I will have to take your word for that. Assuming that it was neither then the obvious rational explanations are ruled out.

From a spiritual aspect, I know how strange things such as this can seem and could always possibly be a type of spiritual phenomena. Just because we haven't seen this type of event before does not mean that it wasn't caused by spiritual intervention.

The way I see it is that if Spirits can cause physical affects on our environment and make contact with us, who is to say that they cannot write our names in the clouds?

I find this very interesting and I will definitely look into this further!

I have just a couple of questions for now but I may have more as I my mind continues to ponder this. I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know the answers as soon as possible.

Q1> When this event occurred, had you lost anyone close to you like a friend or family member? I only say this because most often, Spirits can do and have done similar things to let us know that they are there and are looking out for us.

Q2> Have you or anyone close to you experienced any other unexplained phenomena or events either around the same time or since this event?

Q3> Do you know how long your name appeared like this for?

Q4> What were you doing when you discovered this?

Q5> Do you know if or what drew your attention to the sky to be able to see this?

Q6> Around what time of the day did this event occur?

That's all of my questions for now Clayton. As I said, I may think of more as I continue to think about this but I do find it very, very interesting.

I look forward to your reply and also to providing you with my final answer.

Thank you again for contacting me on and I eagerly await your reply.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for taking me seriously! Finally someone who doesnt just rule me as crazy.

To answer your questions.

A1> I hadn't lost anyone extremely close to me around that time, but by that time both of my grandpas and one aunt had passed away. For my grandpas I was too young to even know them and when my aunt passed away it was a tough experience for me as i had never experienced death before, but these were quite awhile before I saw my name.

A2> I haven't personally experienced any unexplained events since then, but my mother has always had unexplained events happen to her usually  hearing her name called by someone not there. Also more times then not when my mother experiences these events someone from her family passes away. They are usually of older age which may be a coincidence, but still odd.

A3> My name couldn't have been there for more than thirty seconds. It was a short happening, but long in a way I guess. Me and my brother went to grab a camera so we could take a picture and when we returned it was gone the clouds where still there but no name could be made out.

A4> Me and my brother were throwing a football in the front yard when we witnessed this.

A5> There was really nothing that drew my attention I just kind of looked up. It could have been I caught a glance of it while catching the football or something, but i just looked up I really don't know.

A6> This event occurred in between noon and three o clock id say because it was summer time and my brother was home from college at the time.

Thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated.

Greetings Clayton,

Thank you for being so patient in waiting for my final reply with reference to your question.

I have had a look into the type of event which you said you experienced and have spoken to a few of my psychic confidants with regard to this and is a known but rare event.

Assuming that all rational and most obvious explanations as to what caused this are ruled out, it is the belief of myself and the members of my closed research community that what you experienced COULD have been that of Divine Spiritual intervention perhaps from one of your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides.

Also, what you said about your Mother is very interesting and from what you said, it would seem that she may be sensitive to Spiritual Phenomena and might not even know it.

Being such a rare event, I have never had the opportunity to research it fully and there isn't much writing on this type of event/phenomena but according to psychics, it is a positive sign of protection from Spirit, perhaps you were feeling down that day or were going through a 'rough patch' in your life at that time?

In any case, I am sorry that I could not be of more help but at least I don't think your crazy. Moving forward, you will have to just consider the event as you feel appropriate and believe what you will but, think of it as a very special event that you are very lucky to have witnessed but it would be VERY interesting if this were to happen a second time around which I doubt but if it does, please do let me know and try your best to capture it on camera.

Its a difficult one unfortunately but nevertheless very intriguing, I'm just sorry that I could not be of more help. This is why I had to go away and come back because I get very frustrated when I can't confidently give a solid answer to something.

Anyway, I do hope that this shines some light onto the event for you and if there is anything else that I can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me either here on or through my official website at

It was a pleasure to have met you Clayton and I wish you all the best for the future, take care my friend.

Thank you for choosing me on!  

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