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Not really sure where to start so I will give you the basics and I ask if I should worry or question anything. We moved into our new home that was built in 1995 two months ago. The second night we were there I sat my sons (6 yrs old)toy on our kitchen counter. I was the last to bed and first up. His toy was moved and placed about 5 feet away on the floor. There are thumps and bumps at all hours. I use a fan to drown it out since when I go investigate I find nothing. Although my daughter was locked out one day A month ago the water faucet started turning about 80% on (hot water, the faucet is the kind with two turn knobs on each side) by itself. The first time I was alone about 430pm I heard it turn on. I turned it off knowing I was not in there and just shook it off and left for work. The second time I came home at about 9AM my boyfriend was sleeping down the hall and I heard it turn on as soon as I closed the garage door. I asked him if he did it and he was sleeping and said he never got up. The third was at about midnight I was in the next room and I heard it turn on. I called my friend that was in the the kitchen and she agreed she was not just in there. The next issue is I have woke up a couple times rubbing my skin. Not in a sexual way more of a comfort way. The thing is when I first notice its like its not my own skin. Then I realize what I am doing Im confused. My children (6 and 13) say they sleep better here than our old house and are never scared of the dark like usual. My boyfriend wont sleep with the hall light off, he says the hall light flickers at night and he hears noises in the hall. Just the other day he said he was in the shower and heard someone clap once really loud outside the shower curtain he opened to yell at me cause it scared him only to realize he was alone and we were still gone. I also have realized my son the six year old has been getting nose bleeds since we have moved in. He has never had one before. There is a speculation I have about something. We have a water tower ( a huge one) at the back of our house which happens to be on a big hill, there is a drain field thing across the street. Do you think somehow the energy from that would cause this issue? Please help me understand and if there is a way to figure out if I should do something or try something. I dont feel alone yet I never really feel scared. Its always based in my hall by the bathroom. The same place ONLY I can smell maple syrup since the day we moved in. Maybe Im going crazy or MAYBE im more sensetive to things as I get older. PLEASE REPLY!

Thanks a million!

Hello Dorene and thanks for writing.
Sounds like you are in a very active place. I can only speculate and go by your reports. With all this activity, there has to either be a spirit at play or a really high Electro magnetic field (EMF). With a high emf field, it can do alot of things and really effect one train of thought and also make them feel like they are being watched.
I have a few questions....
1.) Has there been anything traumatic that happened in the home in the past?

2.) Is there high tensions lines near by the house?

3.)Is there a running stream near by?

4.) Have you ever had the house blessed when you moved in?  (depending on religion of course)

5.) Have you considered having an investigative group come in?

Please let me know that way I can better help you out!

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