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Paranormal Phenomena/Okay...I'm asking several church will help me


Anywho....I will upload a photo as my phone seemingly took this picture by itself. Just proof that I'm not dealing with balls of light.....dark evil entities. I know what it looks like to me...from what I researched a or some demons head resemble what we would call a skull today. In addition to my click has been sped up a hour and I get woken from my sleep constantly, etc. Help

Ok, calm down. I get that it is scary but you are not alone. You need to email a more detailed account of what is going on to

For now I want you to get a King James Bible and read psalm 91 and 71 out loud when you feel threatened and before you go to bed.

Get some sea salt and mix a bit with your bath water and take a salt bath. Sleep with a led night light on, it can help.

Also get some white vinegar and mix it with sea salt and let the bowl evaporate in your room. refill as needed.

I can help but I need more info.
please email me at

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