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"Hi, ok so for the past few months I been thinking I  am possessed, but there was a few week that I went without thinking that. This is how I act, I dont act diffrent then other people. I still care about my family, I like to be around people, like to hang around my friends, I am still able to go to work, and to the gym, I dont hear or see things, I dont have no extra strength. Do you think I am possessed? Can you ask me some questions to see if I am possessed? What are some signs of possession? Thank you"


I believe I have answered your question, but here is a recap of what I sent originally.

Exorcism is an ecclesiastical term coming from the Greek language as "exorkizo" which means "to bind with an oath."

The rite of exorcism comes from the Roman Catholic church and is carefully granted to possessed people by a Bishop who allows a priest to perform the ritual. During an exorcism a priest commands a demonic entity to leave a person or place in the name of God.

There are four levels of demonic activity in which a demon victimizes a person. These stages are Infestation, Oppression, Obsession, and Possession. Removal of demonic presences is often done by laypersons - known as Deliverance - for the first three levels of demonic attack. The fourth - Possession - is the the only phase where removal is effective only when performed by a Bishop approved Priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

A priest who does an exorcism without a Bishop's order has broken an oath of Obedience which therefore voids his power to remove a demon from a Possessed person. The church believes that it can remove demons from the Possessed through the authority that Jesus entrusted to His church and a Bishop gives sacramental consent in Jesus' name. This is the official Roman Catholic view.

The Church believes that opening doors to the most severe state of Possession comes through victimization. These doors are through occult ties, curses, dedication to a demon - Satanic -, a life of hardened sin through free will or being victimized yourself by someone who did one or more of the above situations.

Church doctrines describe three possible signs of demonic Possession. These are abnormal strength,ability to speak or understand a previously unknown language, and knowledge of hidden facts or things. Rules also suggest that a Possessed person must have undergone neurological, psychological and psychiatrist testing to rule out mental illness or physiological issues as a cause for these behaviors.

A Possessed person can also display seemingly impossible and excruciating bodily contortions, vomit inexplicable volumes of material or eject forth weird and vile things. Solid objects the Possessed had no way of having access to or ingesting are also expelled.

Personal behaviors of the Possessed include not being able to look a priest in the eyes, an intensive aversion to the sight or touch of sacred relics, objects or Holy water.

Also a Possessed personal always has paranormal activity associated with them: levitation, telekinetic events,unexplained sounds, smells and sights, psychical attacks, etc.

Yes, a Possessed person can pray and follow religious things. In moments of clarity, our free will can rule.

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