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Can you please tell me signs and symptoms of possession thanks

Dear Jas,
    How are you today, Here is some possible symptoms of possession/ haunting.
•Stay away from spiritual paces
•   Scared of blessed materials
•   Loss of strength
•   You don’t feel like yourself
•   Getting excited when seeing blood
•   Extreme hunger for sex
•   Having sexual intercourse without permission
•   Decreasing blood count when you are not sick
•   Psychological changes- something that cannot be treated
•   Enjoying death
•   Cutting own body
•   Becoming gay
•   Drinking blood
•   Enjoying being naked
•   Eating human body
•   Having intercourse with animals

These are some of the signs that may notice while attacked by spirits. Some of the signs can be due to psychological disorders. You must have more than five signs to believe it is a spirit attack. Also you must see a doctor to conform that it is not due to a medical condition.
      Just these signs will not conform that anyone is possessed, you must have conformation from a psychiatrist and a spiritual energy worker. Even they can get sometimes wrong.
         take care, fell free to contact me if you have any further questions.
         God bless you, Mathew,s

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i will be able to answer any questions about spirits and haunted issues. i will not predict any ones future in any case. i am trained to block or release the power of supernatural entities if the entity is unwanted or harmful to anyone. i will only do the service to people who believe in God (no matter what religion but absolutely not in devil or black religion. I will not accept any money or gift. MY address 1782, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA


i have done many cases in India and was very successful. i am a absolute Roman Catholic believer. i will not use any electronic devices to practice in this field. but i am willing to consider the details collected by electronic devices.

i am trained in India for about 15 years under few great teachers. I am still practicing and learning more about changes in spirit world level seven in depth.

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