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Hi, I'm trying to get some information on things that are happening in my home. Several things have been happening that could have a logical explanation but so far i haven't found them. It has ranged from hearing scratching sounds in my attic and there is nothing there when i check. My dogs staring and barking and cowering as if something was there and there wasn't. I often feel like I'm not alone or someone is watching me. I smell stale cigarette smoke at times in my home and no one has smoked in the house and it's always in the same spot. My 16 yr old daughter heard someone walking and in the kitchen when she was home alone. I'm not sure what to think and my husband does not beleive in any of this so he is not to much help. I also heard something in the kitchen this morning and when i went to the kitchen no one was there. She has told me that she has seen a dark shadow but i have never seen it. I have also had occurences in other homes i have lived in. I hope you could give me your take on all of this, thank's !

Hi Trish,

Definitely sounds like you have something. I'm a bit concerned about the cowering of the dogs, as dogs usually become aggressive to anything they feel is of ill intent. The fact that they haven given up their "protective" reaction to a more submissive one and fearful one seems a bit problematic as dogs for the most part are a.) territorial and b.) will fiercely "defend" their family against malcontents, be it living or dead.

Coupled with the shadow your daughter saw and the footsteps and scratching, you might be dealing and I don't want to unduly frighten you as it's not a sure thing of course, with a low level bad guy. The only thing that kind of throws me off of keeping that trail based on your description of the events is the cigarette smoke. "Bad guys" don't usually smoke non-existent cigs. They might put off a sulfuric odor but not usually one of stale smokes.

Could be you are dealing with more than one issue. And I generally try to shy away from the word "ghost" as I believe for the most part a ghost is just a playback of old events that the Akashic record holds onto the "movie screen" of our third dimension. Then you have "bad guys" that pretend to be ghosts to generate a desire to communicate; which once communication is established it gives them (in their warped sense of entitlement) legal license to interfere in your life. As they feel they have been "invited". Sadly most mediums are conversing with familiar spirits rather than the actual spirits of the departed. But I'm getting off topic.

I do know that there are times when the soul of a human does stick around for whatever reason. And as when you are dead you are wholly aware of every element, it could be there watching, keeping an eye or keeping the source of this dark shadow in check.

If you are dealing with something dark by nature, these things that are happening is what I've come to figure out as targeted stressers. We know one thing of darkness without having to do much study and that is it's sole purpose is the steal, kill and destroy. And if you are dealing with something evil, these experiences are being created to take away your peace. Once your peace is gone, and you start losing sleep, fearing, not eating, etc. then you become more susceptible to physical illness and or mental illness. Remember, steal, kill and destroy. Once your peace of mind is gone, you are physically ill or mentally stressed to the limits, then it can attack what it truly wants to destroy and that is your faith.

There's a couple of key steps in dealing with it til it shows it's hand as far as if you truly are dealing with something vile in nature; and they are as follows:

1. Knowledge. Know it's M.O. and it's goal. If it's bad, now you know what that is now, why it is doing what it is doing and it's mode of attack or posture. And knowing is half the battle. It depends and feeds on fear, chaos, doubt and anxiety. Not knowing what your dealing with is a major source of the above. The reason we as a child feared the dark is because we were afraid of a threat we couldn't see. You are more prepared to face an attacker (emotionally and mentally) when you can see him/her, assess your attacker's mode of attack, etc. When you know what you are up against you can steel yourself and or come of with a plan to counter. This establishes peace of mind in the situation.

2. Simplest thing is often the hardest to do, but that is to ignore it. It's possible that it is feeding off of you and when you stop giving it the fear, anxiety, panic and other negative emotions and feedback; it will simply move on to another "food source". One that it can easily achieve it's goals with. Again, that's hard to do with the tactics it uses.

3. If ignoring it does not work, reclaim your house authoritatively and demand it depart. Evil almost always goes after "soft targets" if you would. I'd say about half would simply pack up and head if you took up a confrontational tone with them and reclaimed your home. There is a warning attached to this suggestion though and that is if you are not dealing with that "half", with the other half you may experience an uptick in activity. If that is the case then whatever you are dealing with will be tipping it's hand as to it's nature. Remember prior to this point we don't know if it is just a "ghost" or if it is substantively evil.

4. If you ARE dealing with evil, I do not suggest coming against it without the full authority of Christ. If you are rich in faith, then after the third step doesn't work, you can do a cleaning of you home. If you try to come against it without Christ's authority residing within you, you can get it handed to you if you know what I mean. I would recommend if you aren't of the Christian faith and step three doesn't work the way it is hoped, then you should contact a trusted church or pastor/priest in regards to it to maybe have him/her come in and rid your home of the miscreants. Sometimes there are paranormal investigators who do this (and should only do it for free), but, again, if they aren't "packing Jesus", then it's likely to backfire.

Just remember this....and this should give you peace of mind...

This thing is not strong enough, whatever it is, to touch you. It cannot PHYSICALLY harm you. It's dependent on psych warfare. If it does "up it's game" to physical contact then you need to contact someone immediately to nip the problem in the bud. And remember, psych warfare is all about the above that I cited. Fear, chaos, worry, etc. And KNOWING what you are dealing with and how to deal with it, offsets those negative emotions as all of those negative emotions are rooted in fear.

Remember Timothy's words...

"But God did NOT give us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND."

And Christ's Words Himself:

"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful."

I also like to use Psalms 91. These are all sources of strength for me and I hope they will be to you.

Please keep notes of the goings on and encourage your daughter to report anything she experiences. Make sure she and yourself as well stay away from occult things as this gives them license in their own mind to interfere in your lives as the consider themselves a "guest" rather than a thief.

God bless you and please let me know how it is going. Keep me updated and of course question me further with followups. I'll be glad to share any and all understanding I have and what is revealed to me.

In Christ,


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