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Hi Greg,
Before you go on reading this question, I would like to apologize about the length. Given that all the information needed needs to be furnished.

Pry, someone very special to me, has had many paranormal experiences over the past several years.
She is a professional Vaastu Shastra consultant, a reiki and crystal energy healer and indian astrology expert as well.
Though she hs good intuitive ability, and has a very strong spiritual inclination, she has herself not been able to make much out of the experiences shes had. Following are these ex[eriences as per how she describes them:

Year 2008: Experiencing Sparkles from roof going from head to toe: woke up in the middle of the night, was sure there is some fire or short circuit in the house, started checking if theres a fire, checked the blanket and even tried to switch off the bed lamp. All along thru this experience she just felt that this sparkle shower was just covering her, and nothing else in the house. THis lasted for several minutes and then stopped.

late 2011 Sometimes hear voices in the house - On a particuar instance  heard a male voice (wasnt able to make out)... just felt a familiar voice - did not feel scared - looked back and found no one was there - completely clear voice.

Aug 2011 While traveling in the night with me in a cab, she suddenly felt that a hand from under her head lifted it and woke her up, was traveling on a smooth road and there was no chance of any bumps, or breaking. Coincidentally this was around a stretch on the highway going through the very same battlefield where the mahabharata war took place some thousands of years ago. She feels a strong connection with the mahabharata times.

a year ago : When she was sleeping felt someone was sleeping behind her, was sleeping on the floor, which is usual for her, felt someone was exactly behind her - comepltely feeling a presence - there was no physical content, reportes that her  crown chakra felt like ants were crawling -  this happened in midnight.

1996 She and her ex G were staying in a very small house, he locked the house from out just to run down to the corner shop while she was inside - she actually saw G wash his hands near the kitchen shelf as he would do usually, and then sudden she realised he had not come back yet.

2007: This is when the famous pakistani politician Benazir bhutto was assassinated, Pr was out and suddenly saw a strange fog - and was not able to see any one - she had almost never seen this politician even so much so on TV, felt as though there was relation.

The western Indian city where she lives has a park called Peshwa park which was built by some old rulers of the place many centuries ago - each time she visited she  felt she had come there before, very strongly, not just a vague deja vu.

This one happened for a few times:  She reports that she felt her astral body coming out in dreams - like a cyclone, on a particular occasion, about a few months ago she  went to the desert [this was not like a lucid dream, she was able to maintain consciousness of her real surroundings, and knew all along that she is sleeping at home and her cell phone was on my right side] - in the desert, she saw  the emergence of the head of the deity Shiva, saw the tilak(the reddish mark on the forehead, a religious mark worn on the forehead) and then the face  - felt as though it was a divine presence she was made to see, she is sure it was not a dream - experienced it. Happened in the afternoon.

More recently, one night as she was sleeping, with her face southwards towards the wall, felt that someone was standing behind her wiast, felt such a strong presence, no activity but got a shivering feeling -
felt very scared initially - after a while - felt very relaxed, 15-20 mins wanted this entity to touch, felt this entitiy coming over her, till the knees, and then it all stopped.

Her query, or rather what she wants to know is how can these experiences be explained, she definitely, being spiritual, does believe in the metaphysical/paranormal, and never discounts these experiences, but has not been able to clearly feel what they are meant to show or point out to her in/about her life. She is currently going through a very difficult patch in life, and she feels the information pertaining to what might have beenr evealed through these experiences might help.

I would appreciate and be grateful if you could comment on each of the experience mentioned above.

Thank you ever so much,


 REVISED ANSWER: Hello again Vic, thank you for your patience. Let's take a look at the possibilities behind what is happening to your friend. It is good that she has a friend such as you who cares so about her situation.

 As she is quite deeply involved in the practice of psi phenomena I am not surprised that she is experiencing psi type events. She should expect experiencing paranormal phenomena as much as a swimmer expects to get wet when he jumps into a pool. There are those whose interest in the mystical remains just that, an interest and they are unlikely to enjoy [or suffer, depending on one's point of view] the practical application of their interest. But there are also those whose interest goes beyond the curious stage and they begin to practice what they have learned by putting it to practical use and therefore may enjoy [or suffer] the effects of their cause.

I notice that many of her experiences occur upon waking from a sleep. There will be those who would argue that this points to hallucinations from a psychological  / physiological source namely hypnagogic / hypnopompic stages , experiencing a false awaking ora metachoric experience. Events could also be caused by misfiring neurons in the temporal lobes of the brain. Indeed these are all possibilities and may in fact apply to some of her psychic incidences. However on the other side of the coin lays the possibility that what she is experiencing is definitely psi phenomena and that she is in an altered state of consciousness when she awakens. If she were just someone picked from random, I would suggest that the psychological / physiological reasons were behind the events. However, given the fact that she is actively practicing psychical disciplines I would suggest the latter and that what she is experiencing is actual psi activity. Let's go through some of the events that you supplied individually.

 The first incident in 2008 where she awoke to fine the pillar of sparks. That is one incident that could be explained as a false awakening, an event where one dreams that they have awaken from a dream when in fact they are still asleep and dreaming. In other words, their conscious state is not "consciousness" at all but is actually a part of the dream. The mind works in mysterious ways. She could also have had a metachoric experience. This is when one replaces their entire environment with a hallucination. When the hallucinator's environment is replaced by an exact replica of the existing or real one, the person experiencing the metachoric state is usually unaware that anything amiss is going on. These experiences can last for seconds to hours in length. They are however, rare. Again given the fact that your friend practices psi arts I will go as far to say that what likely occurred is that she experienced a lucid out of body experience [OBE]. The shimmering sparks that she saw is in line with how the astral body is perceived [bear in mind that the term astral is from the Greek astron roughly meaning starlike or starry]. She may have encountered an astral guide, likely her personal astral guide. That is not uncommon for those who are in an OBE state as guides are the teachers from the astral realm. They help the novice become familiar and adjusted with astral travel.

I will not account much to the hearing of the male voice... there are too many possibilities with in the norm to assume that it was paranormal in essence.

 The  cab incident may be explained as follows. Again she is practicing psi disciplines and is likely developing her intuitive abilities. She may be empathizing on a spiritual or astral level with the occurrences of the battle. Battlefield have strong residual energy as well as a fair share of ghosts. [Incidentally, as she develops in her abilities and sensitivities, she is like to attract ghosts. Her astral guardian should help her to keep unwanted souls away from her. She merely needs to ask for the protection from her guardians and gatekeepers for the task to be done]. We have a saying here when one is sympathizing or empathizing with some one else, "I feel your pain", and that is exactly what had occurred, she was picking up on the residual energies. I am also going to place the Peshwa park incident here using the above explanation.

 The crown chakra affair was likely her experiencing either an hypnopompic stage or a OBE. I'll explain both. When one awakens from a sleep their is a chance that they are not fully aware. They are in essence a stage between conscious waking and unconscious sleep. It is not uncommon for a person to feel a sense of presence, that another person is in their space, when in a hypnopompic or hypnagogic stage. However, she may have been entering an OBE state from a hypnopompic state,[it is not uncommon]. The tingle sensation that she felt is very much in line with entering a OBE state, that is feeling tingles and having the body vibrate.

 The seeing of G incident was again likely due to her enhanced psychical abilities. Believe it or not, seeing an apparition of the living is much more common than seeing an apparition of the dead! This was first documented by Tyrrell in the early days of psychical research.

 I strongly suggest that your friend read up on astral travel and out of body experiences an this phenomena seems to be her strong point. It is common for those in the psychical disciplines to develop on area of "expertise" over others. Astral phenomena appears to be her forte with a good helping of empathy or clairsentience. Knowledge is power, and the more power that one has when dealing with the unknown the better equipped one is to handle their experiences. I'm glad to see that she is not diving into the pool of mystery without regard but is wading in slowly getting the feel of the waters. That is the most sensible, and constructive method.

 I hope that this has helped clear up some of your concerns and questions. Again, I appreciate your patience with my reply. If you need any more information, I'm here to help.
Take care!

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