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I recently had a dream that involved an individual at work and their family. I was walking down the street and happened upon them sitting outside their home having a cigarette. I approached them and was told about a ghost living in the home, that if you knocked on the front door you will see them appear. Sure enough i walk towards the front door and knock 4 times in a row. Sure enough, an apparition appears and comes towards the door but then disappears ... i do it again and the apparition appears but this time opens the door and does not speak and has a stoic face. From the window i can see the set up of the house on the inside. The ghost then appeared to try and drain my life force (head turned white and skull like) until I thought of something that would make it happy and giving it a kit kat worked. It then had me come in the home and a random voice whispered in my ear that I needed to follow the spirit as all spirits will lead you to where they are buried. At this point i woke up after starting to follow it down a hallway of the house.
I had this dream last night, spoke to the person that was in the dream. Never met their spouse or been to their house. I told them about the dream then drew a picture of the house in my dream and a floor plan of the home. it was basically identical. i told them how the door opened on the left .. they confirmed it ... i told them there was 4 window pains on the front door (I saw rectangular ... they have 4 in a half moon shape.) I advised them about the knocking 4 times and they proceeded to tell me about random knocking they have heard in 4 raps on the front door for a few months now. The picture of the house I drew had trees in the front. They stated they cut those trees down in the same location I had them drawn. When they cut down the trees is when the rapping had started. I guess i am looking into a little insight into this dream and its significance and similarity with real events that they had never told anyone. I was also able to state a shirt and current beard style of their spouse as well. I have had this happen before, many times where I have had a dream and it is based on factual events as well as numerous cases of Deja Vous. Thank you for your time.

I had a very difficult time understand what your exact question was.  It sounds as though you may be clairvoyant, and may be using your abilities in your sleep.  You may be astrally projecting in your sleep, as folks with ability sometimes do.

Any significance to this is lost because it's generally impossible to tell what was a dream, and what was an actual event.  Things that happen while we sleep tend to be suspect that way.  Obviously you are picking up on real things that are happening at a distance, but that in no ways means all the content of your dream was real.  It most likely was a mixture of reality and dream.

Check into information on remote viewing.

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