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I have been hearing or seeing dead people for some years now.
My last episode left me wanting to know more. I was laying down on my bed and watching TV. I was getting tired and decided to turn off the TV. I rolled over and saw that it was 1:00am. I closed my eyes and the next thing I remember was many people dressed in period clothing looking at me and talking to me. I couldn't what they were saying because it sounded like gibberish. They all kept looking at me and talking, almost in a panic (hear me first) way. I saw men, women, boys and girls. They wouldn't stop. I finally told them to stop talking all at once. I started to get upset and then told them to leave and come back one by one or don't come back at all. I was angry and I felt bad. I opened my eyes, looked at the clock and only 10-15 minutes passed since I turned off the TV. I also had a tug at my shirt and that night, myself and my room mate heard a little girl playing. We heard this at the same time in different ends of the house. Later I saw the little girl in a yellow dress run past my bed. No matter what state I life in, I get these things happen to me. I really want to help but, I have no idea what the heck is going on and what I can do for them. When I see or hear these things, It doesn't bother me. Do I have a vivid imagination? Is my mind on overdrive while I sleep, even though things happen while I am awake. I don't know where or who to turn to for advice.

ANSWER: Hello Steve,

You are attracting lost souls as well as some other unwholesome energies, but you're not in any real psychic trouble yet. You have psychic abilities and you're right - you have no idea what you're doing.

When you can't discern what is around you, the best precaution is to stop being open to any psychic input whatsoever until you completely study your own abilities. These present themselves as one of six CLAIRS such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. One ability may be spontaneously prominent while others can be developed with proper mentoring or research. Not being open is a mental control.

Use a visualization technique that turns off your receptivity -closes your crown and third eye chakra- at your own discretion. I use a trap door visualization where I slam the door shut on the top of my skull, chain it, multi-lock it, and put a cross on the front of it. Also imagine a Divine light coming down from God and around your body to be a impregnable force field against negative mental, emotional, physical or spiritual attack. Do this every day until you get some concrete information.

Get a mental cold shoulder attitude towards spiritual environmental pests like you would if you were detaching from a person who has annoyed you or not treated you well. Also ask your Divine allies -guides, angels, Jesus, God- to assist you control your openness to unseen energies. A connection to God or Creator is essential to safe passage through spiritual realms.

You are in no way ready to "help" any lost souls because you can be tricked into thinking you're dealing with one thing but are actually dealing with another possibly dangerous entity. Asleep, meditating or awake, you are being approached as a sensitive by things you need to learn about, understand and protect yourself from.

Read the following books:

Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette
Ask Your Guides - Sonia Choquette
Lightworkers Way - Doreen Virtue
Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue

I was trained and certified under Doreen Virtue and she's a very advanced Lightworker. That's who you want to be. Learn to contact your heavenly allies before you engage anything not of the Light.


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QUESTION: Christine,

Bless you for your wonderful answer to my question.
I have been using your technique of using a trap door visualization where I slam the door shut on the top of my skull. It has helped 100%. I haven't purchased the books you suggested because I have a tight budget. But I will soon.
I forgot to do this technique a couple times and it happened again. This time I saw a human figure standing next to my bed dressed in a black robe and i couldn't see its face. I then started to get a grip on things and decided to read the bible and continue with your technique.
Last night I didn't lock my mind and I started hearing walking on the wood floors in the house and as I feel asleep, I dreamt of a large grey snake on a roof. As I approached the house to move away from the snake, it started to move and it came off the roof and started to move towards me. As it got closer I could see that it looked like a rattle snake or a black mamba. I didn't see any rattles on it. I woke up right before it jumped at me.

I am starting to be concerned about these dreams. I wake up every 2 hours and fall quickly back to sleep. It feels as though someone or something is waking me up every two hours.

God Bless,

ANSWER: Hi Steve,

I do recommend you get one of the books I suggested. These will answer a lot of questions for you.

Any dream of snakes, dragons or fear-filled scenarios having to do with your death or people hurting you physically are flags for dark energy scouting around you. Ask angels, Jesus or God to block them.

Your insomnia is just anxiety at this point, but chronic loss of sleep over weeks can be entity interference depriving you of rest and creating frustrations.

Prayer and a better connection to God will really help. You don't have to be religious to be God's light here. You have to be spiritually aware of which side you're going to be on while on earth. Seek God and be lifted and protected with Divine allies or work for evil either by default or as by intent. That's the way it works here. Making no choice is in effect a NO answer to God. You are then open to negative attacks.

Falling into evil comes through three demonic strategies :

1. Blindness to the subtle signs of God's presence around you

2. Ignorance of God's living word or guidelines for healthy living - via the Bible

3. Deception - Demonic influences upon you that deceive you by blocking signs of Divine presence, twisting the words of God, convincing you that God doesn't exist or God is not a loving being.

I don't want to preach, but there is a crucial link between spiritual warfare - God vs Satan - and your psychic gifts. God gave everyone these gifts to serve him in some way. That means you are meant to do good deeds with your gifts for others which are pleasing to God. Thus there are negative forces and misplaced human souls circling you to fulfill their needs while God seeks to provide your needs as determined by your earthly acts to others on His behalf.

You're either going to go to the loving side of this equation or go towards the manipulative side.

Psychic gifts are Divine gifts. Study and understand that. A good book to read about Divine or Supernatural gifts compared to Preternatural influences is SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL by Ryan Wyatt. A good easy read about Spiritual Warfare is WHEN PIGS MOVE IN by Don Dickerson.

Take care,

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QUESTION: Christine,

Wanted to give you an update on my situation.

I did buy all four books you advised and I am half way through with Ask Your Guides - Sonia Choquette. I am totally engrossed  in the book. It has a great step by step view of how you and your guides interact with one another the physical and the spiritual world.
I asked my guides name and really don't have a concrete name.  Benjamin and Lily? I am practicing what the book has and I feel very very good. I only had one dream to have the guide come to me in my dreams and to help me understand where I am going. I dreamt that I was in a fatal car accident. Once I died, I was immediately on the outside looking down at the accident. I saw several family members and friends that I visited. I also saw unknown people that just shrugged off the accident as "oh well". I woke up and felt assured that I was being protected and the message I got from it was that my life was in the "change" mode and that I am no longer on the "blind " road anymore. I feel stronger. I am eating correctly. Sleeping better and looking at people in a positive manner. People even approach me in a different way. I even talk to the guides and ask them for help.
I will continue to read all the books and continue to work on my gift. I also continue to read the bible and WOW, I am loving the read. I am excited......



I'm happy you're getting on the right track. Keep reading and ruminating on your learned knowledge. These are great books to cut your spiritual teeth on because in my opinion they are truthful and God-centered. Avoid books on psychic abilities that turn into esoteric power builders. These books, while well meaning, omit God from the process of learning your gifts.

Without Divine guidance in the psychic process you are vulnerable to dark deceptions, temptations and unbelief for the need of God in your life. You begin to think you can do this alone and control unseen situations.

The Bible also discusses the rules about psychic gifts. Of course, there are warnings about avoiding diviners - foreknowledge using pagan iconic tools, sorcerers-witchcraft, and overtly occult worship of evil - satanic, voodoo,etc.

The truth is that God gave us our psychic gifts and Satan can use them against us through blindness, ignorance and deception. You MUST have Divine guidance to use your gifts and not attempt to manage them through trial and error or through ego-based illusions of personal power with your own abilities.

Psychic gifts are meant to help others, period, and used in the way God gave them to you for. God will not only protect you and steer you but manifest the conditions in your life that you need to do His will.

All this isn't about religion. It's about being a happy human who has a close and daily personal relationship with the Divine. Connection is crucial to your safety. Walk with angels instead of running from demons and Astral parasites - ghosts and other monstrous entities. It's really that simple.

You're learning how to manage your entire life in a new way. Take it slow and sure and enjoy!


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