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Paranormal Phenomena/Shadow enity in relation to demonically possesed..


I have an uncle who is possesed by a demon. He is really into the occult and sold his soul willingly.. He stayed with us for about four months, and about two months in I started having a 'shadow' follow me. It has done nothing to me, nor have I got any bad vibes. It did give me a name though. Is the appearance of 'Micheal' a coinicidence and do I have need to worry?

Well, it seems like your uncle made some questionable choices and yes, that can lead to problems for other family members.

In order to clear yourself, I would recommend learning about psychic self defense start with Dion fortune's book psychic self defense.

Some steps you can take now are to read psalm 91 and 71 out loud every night, and put out bowls of white vinegar mixed with sea salt to evaporate in the room. Refill as needed. Take these steps and do not give the entity too much attention and you should be fine.

I would also get some sage and burn it in your place and let the smoke fill the room. Repeat 1 time a week

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