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I am a female from Toronto. I have recently lost my beloved Golden retriever SCOTCH who was my baby and I often thought my soul mate if there can ever be such a thing as human/animal mates. I love him and even now imagine he is around me. He was suddenly unwell and passed away and I would like to know if there is any such way or medium through which people are able to communicate with their beloved pets and not only humans. Prior to that in August 2012 I lost my other dog Bobo and want to know if he too is okay.

Do pets reincarnate as well and if so only as pets or in the human form too. Is there something like a "period of time" after which reincarnation could possibly happen.

I would welcome any suggestions, idea or just the honest truth.

Thank you.


 Thank you for your interesting question. I will answer the best that I can without being too biased in the reply. First of all I am sorry for your loss. I am a pet owner and I know how much love and devotion a person can place on a pet, and vise versa. Receiving unconditional love is great. [I have cats so there are usually conditions].

 The more intelligent the life form the more likely it is that they possess what we call a soul. To be honest not all life forms have an afterlife, and rightfully so. The aids virus is a life form for example and I'm assuming that there is no aids virus "heaven". However, dogs, cats, horses and the like do seem to enjoy an afterlife. Consciousness is not a factor. Humans are the only animal who are conscious that we have a conscious state, aware that we are aware. Lower life forms are conscious, but in a more basic immediate manner.

 Some people who have had Near Death Experiences have reported seeing their pets in the afterlife. I find that comforting. As there are also reports of animal ghosts that adds to the possibility of an afterlife existence for pets. I believe that the majority of animals make it into the light as they are not bound by fear, guilt, revenge, greed or a million other excuses that humans have for remaining earthbound. I believe that most simply go into the light and await the return of their loved ones. Some earthbound pets will wait for their owners passing and make the journey into the light with them.

 As for reincarnation... well I am not a huge fan of the concept. I find the logic behind it as well as the math difficult to swallow. Mathematically it makes little sense to recycle souls when there are apparently an abundance of them. Roughly speaking there are four people born every second while only two people are passing away. Grade 1 arithmetic shows that there would be a shortage of two souls if all were reincarnated. Another way of looking at it is that in the year 1 AD there were an estimated 300 million people on earth, today there are over seven billion. If only reincarnated souls were used demand does not come close to meeting supply.

 The logic also escapes me. As a rule in reincarnation, people are reborn repeatedly to a higher or lower degree of perfection until they get it right. The part that makes no sense is that unless we are hit on the head by a falling piano or see a hypnotist we are not privy to the information that we had in a former life. How do we correct errors when we are not allowed to know what they are? How do we pass to grade school when we are not privy to the information that we learned in kindergarten? It is neither logical nor is it fair. Another aspect that makes no sense is that an eternity in the afterlife is not so eternal if we are recycled after a few weeks. The last thing, again that seems unfair is in regards to the new souls being cranked out to supply the 2-1 ratio between birth and death is that at some time life on earth will end - that is a given. How is it fair that a newer soul has only a handful of chances for perfection while another two hundred thousand year old soul had uncountable chances to reach perfection until the end of days - again, not fair. Learning lessons in a three dimensional world to learn how to be perfect in a higher dimension is like teaching a man how to walk so that he learns how to fly.

 I may be reading more in your letter than you put, but I have a feeling that you are hoping that your soul mate to be reincarnated in human form. According to certain religions reincarnation to higher or lower life forms is possible, so depending on Scotch's development as a dog he could be a prince or he could be a frog in the nest life. Again, another piece of "logic"... I was a good turtle in a past life so I get to be a man in this one provided I carry with me the lessons that I learned as a turtle and expand on them. As a great part of the population believes in reincarnation I'm going to stop talking about it now before I get a price on my head.

 As for mediums, if you read some of my other replies you will discover my regard for them. As I did not wake up today with the intent of annoying or ticking off everyone on earth I will let my opinions on them rest, at least for today.  Suffice it to say, there are pet psychics and pet mediums. I personally will not recommend any one in particular as it is against my organizations ethics. I will how ever suggest that you google "psychics associations" and take your chances from there. You may also wish to check out this page from my web site
where there is a direct link to Canada's Tania Caroline / medium. She may be able to help. She is merely a suggestion, this is not an endorsement.

 I imagine that I did not manage to thoroughly answer your concerns. There is a category with AllExperts of psychics. The link is
and I'm certain that you will get better information from one of these experts. At least their advise is free.

 I wish that I could have been more help. The best that I can say is that Scotch is  waiting for you in another realm and will be there when it your turn to pass over. I think that an eternity with your soul mate in the future is better than the hope that he returns as someone or something else on the earth plane now.  

Take care,

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