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Hello, my name is Heather and I feel as if I have been visited quite a few times this year by two of my deceased relatives. I lost my Granny (maternal grandmother) when I was 15 yrs old, and I lost my Aunt Audrey (mother's sister) unexpectedly in 2002. Of course, we were very close and I miss them both very much.
Earlier this year I went to see a local psychic who was able to convince me that both of them had come through for me. She let me know that they had been around me quite a lot due to some extremely stressful situations I was dealing with, and I left the encounter feeling positive and at peace. During this last year, I have been noticing that some odd things have been happening to me with my laundry room cabinet door. I store my laundry detergent in that cabinet and sometimes when I do laundry I will go back down to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer and the door to that cabinet will be wide open, when I know darn well that I closed it. This sounds silly but it happens over and over for a few days in a row. It happens whether I am home alone or if my other family members are home. There is no real rhyme or reason.

Today, I went to the store and bought a new bottle of laundry detergent. I sat it on the kitchen counter, still in the shopping bag, and left it there. Not in my laundry room, not in that cabinet, on the kitchen counter. I sat down and was reading a book about ghosts among us, when the bottle of laundry detergent suddenly fell over on its side, all by itself. I am home alone today, and I have two cats and two dogs which were all lying around me, all within my sight.

My question is: can this incident and the other incidents be my two family members visiting me and letting me know they are around? They psychic I saw in January seemed to think they were around me a lot back then, due to stressful situations I was dealing with. Those situations have since resolved, however there have been other stressful situations my family and I have been dealing with lately, both good and bad. Are my Aunt Audrey and my Granny just visiting me ? And for what purpose? Do I have something about to happen in my life that they want to "be there" for me? Or am I just nuts and reading too much into all of this?

Hello Heather,

 Thank you for your letter. I'm not psychic but I have that feeling that I am going to annoy a lot of "psychics" again with my reply, but that's nothing new. There are people in this world who honestly, and I mean honestly, have the ability of mediumship and psychical seeing. But they are few and far between. However there are quite a few outright fakes and more than enough pseudo-psychics. The difference between the two are that fakes have zero abilities and live quite comfortably on bilking the gullible out of their money.* Pseudo-psychics are those who have made a few lucky guesses in the past and have convinced themselves that they have amazing gifts. Unfortunately they also convince others of their fuax abilities [pardon my French]. Also in the category of pseudo-psychics are the cold readers, the experts of picking up body language and using it to their advantage. They have an uncanny knack of allowing the sitter to act as the reader, the sitter supplying the information and the psychic feeding it back as re-chewed cud. I mean no disrespect to those with honest abilities and gifts, but even they have to admit that a few rotten eggs can destroy the general outlook of psychics and mediums as a whole.
*In the last two weeks a Canadian paper has carried a few stories about psychic fraud. People have been "robbed" of tens of thousands of dollars seeking loved ones. Unfortunately, that is the news people remember. Criminal charges are laid all the time here in regard to phony mediums and psychics. Other countries should also take a stand. The United Kingdom for example had a False Mediums act/law but recently repealed it, where's the sense in that?

 Awhile back I purchased a cat from a pet store that was located on the second floor of a building in Edmonton's Old Strathcona area. Across the hall was the establishment of a psychic. Two months after I bought my cat, the building burned to the ground. Apparently Madame See-All failed to 'see' her own business gong up in flames. Of course the psychics will give their old excuse, as opposed to a reason, that, "It doesn't work that way. We can't see for ourselves". However it seems that she couldn't see for the poor animals who perished, or for the restaurant owners who occupied the main floor or for the other businesses in the building that were lost. Apparently some peoples abilities increase proportionately with the amount of cash laid on the table. What I am getting at here is that unless the psychic that you saw has an outstanding reputation from others [as opposed to self proclaimed, "World's Greatest" or "Internationally Renowned" status] take the advice with a grain of salt... what a waste of salt. There is a chance that you received a cold reading where you inadvertently supplied the answers and information yourself and that you were told what you wanted to hear or heard what you needed to hear.

 To answer your questions. I will answer the last one first. No - you are not nuts and Yes, you are likely reading too much into the situation. I'll explain. It is very likely that your loved one were indeed around you giving you spiritual support at time of your heavy stress. That is not unusual. As your family was close, I will guarantee you that they will be with you during the Holidays and other specialoccasions.

 Apparently you are concerned with whether or not they are remaining with you and why. I am guessing that they are comfortable with their new lifestyle and enjoy your company. Being deceased isn't as bad as most of us mere mortals suppose it to be. In fact, it is rather liberating. The deceased are free from pain [if they choose to be. Ghosts have a tendency to hang on to negative feelings and emotions although they don't have to], free from worry, and can enjoy a new body in a new life. Your visitors apparently enjoy your company. That can be a problem if they have not passed over into the light. If that is the case they stand a good chance of becoming earth bound, trapped between realms. Instead of being evolved spirits they will become ghosts. The longer that they spend between worlds the harder it becomes to correct the situation.

 If they are with you 24/7 for no good reason, then there is a good chance that they are remaining between realms. That's a no win situation. If they were spirits, souls who when into the light after their passing, they would return in times of crisis or to enjoy a holiday or event, but would then return home, into the light. If you sense that they have become a permanent fixture, then chances are good that they didn't complete their journey. Please note that I an saying 'they' - the fact is it could be both or one or the other - I have no way of knowing - but there are ways of finding out. According to your consultant, it is both.

 If they are haunting, you ask why. The answer may sound cliche, but it is because they can. {Not all hauntings are the classical, fake Hollywood portrayal of malicious ghosts seeking revenge. To 'haunt' literally means to make one's self at 'home', and happy, friendly ghosts can haunt or 'move in']. You ask if they are there because there is going to be something that will happen in your life. If thing are meant to happen, a spirit can not intervene. Things happen for a reason, good or bad, and is considered a part of life, the lessons that you'll carry into the spirit realm when it is your turn to take the trip. Spirits can comfort, and can sometimes stop things that are NOT meant to occur at any given time, but as a whole, what happens happens for a reason.

 The book that you are reading by Van Praagh is a good read [just a guess from your saying that you are reading ghosts among us, the title of one of his books]. I would be careful of getting into the paranormal over your head. A healthy interest is good, but don't drown yourself in articles or television as interest can become addiction. My advise is to have a chat with your astral visitors and explain to them that they should go into the light. Tell them that they are impeding their growth and evolution and that when they enter the light they will have a new home - whatever they wish. Also tell them that they will learn how to travel from one realm to the other [spirit world to earth plane] without becoming trapped in the in-between. Tell them that they are most welcome to visit after they have gone into the light. Here is the clincher... tell them that you need them in the spirit realm in the light to guide you into the light when it is your turn to pass. Loved one's usually realize that they are needed elsewhere to be the most help to you in the future.

 I hope that this has helped shed some light on your questions, If you need any more information, I'm here to help.

Take care,

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