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Eyes and Orbs
Eyes and Orbs  
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I've had a few interesting lifetime experiences that I believe are definitely related to ESP.  My question is regarding the photo I've included.  My eyes always look like this in photos, even when nobody else in the picture has glowing eyes.  They always glow this bright color.  I see an eye doctor regularly, and nothing medical besides nearsighted and astigmatism have been mentioned.  You will also notice an orb like looking thing above us.  Can you give me some insight into what is going here?  Do you sense that I have any gifts?  I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.

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I'm sorry, Robin, all I see are reflections and what looks like a water spot.  The eyes look like they're reflecting light due to the angle.  Perhaps you hold your head at a specific angle frequently, that catches light.  Trying having a photo taken of your face, from the front, when you're standing straight.  I'll bet it's not there, then.  (Probably will have red-eye, though, lol).

Nothing in the photo looks at all paranormal.

Here are some sites on common photo artifacts, so you know what to look for:

Paranormal Phenomena

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