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I noticed that your name is listed in the category of mythical creatures at all experts. You say in your biography that you are a therian. Isn't that a person who shapeshifts into an animal?
If so, what animal do you become? Does it happen on a full moon or can you do it at will?

Hi, Anna,
I am a spiritual therianthrope.  'Therian' is simply a modern shorthand for the term.  It is not a person who shapeshifts into an animal.  Physical shapeshifting is most likely impossible.  Spiritual therianthropy is the feeling/memory/conviction that one is a non-human animal in mind/spirit (not physically).  Any shifting which occurs is mental, astral, auric, etc.  The moon is not involved, and spiritual therianthropes are not werewolves in any classic sense of the term, although some do use the term.  It is also not related to clinical lycanthropy, as spiritual therianthropes have control over their shifting and behavior (it is not a mental disorder).  It is not related to having a totem animal, or invoking a totem animal (as in some shamanic practices).

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