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QUESTION: I am not sure what is going on but it has been happening since i was little. I have memories of things that never happened for example I have never been to an opera but i have memories of on, i never been to Paris but can describe one of the parks perfectly. I also look in the mirror and feel that that is not me or i just feel off like this is all wrong. I can get feelings of something off about a person or a room it is like a tightening in my chest and a deep feeling of bad in me. When i get this i feel like i have to leave right away. This also happens when i meet some new people. I have no idea why i know this info and why i feel like i am in the wrong body. Please give me some clarity on what is going on with me.

ANSWER: Hello Isis,

I remember feeling like you do.  I grew into the memories after a while, or grew to understand them.  They are past life memories.

Let me give you an example.  I went to visit London.  I'd never been overseas before.  I was wandering down a street in that city with a friend who lived there, when an old couple came up to me and asked me how to get to a certain place.  I gave them very precise directions, to a place I didn't even know existed .. and they found it just fine, because my friend laughed when they left as said I had got it right.  In Edinburgh, a few years later, I felt like I had come home.  I've done the same in Egypt, only the culture shock was huge, because the Egypt that I remember is nothing like the one I visited.  I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, this time around anyway.

Yes, I know looking in the mirror can be odd.  This is not my face .. only it is, but I 'remember' a different face, and my mental picture of myself is completely different from the person I am now.  It's ok.  It's easier now that I am 50, but when I was a child it would be very disconcerting.

It's not wrong, Isis, its that you are experiencing the emotional reactions/karma to a lifetime that you chose to work on in 'this' lifetime.  Each time you get that wierd feel, just give yourself a shake, and remember that we 'choose' to have each different lifetime, and the memories, or lack of them, that we have from other lives.

The 'feelings' part is either empathy, where you can sense, share, and perhaps get overwhelmed by other people's emotions.  I can 'read a room', and tell you what the strongest emotion was in the room, even when its empty.  I 'read' houses, and people, around the world with this gift.  When its working perfectly people give it another name 'clairsentience' (clair-clear sensitience-sensing).  Sometimes the feelings are good, sometimes they are not.  When things feel bad, trust the feeling and walk away.  When you meet new people and get those feelings, its because your aura (the energy field around your body created by your chakras) interacts with theirs.  If it happens smoothly you might become friends, if you get unpleasant feelings, its probably because the two energies (yours and theirs) is not compatible, so don't try make a friendship that won't work.

My last thought is a question - have you always felt that you are in the wrong body, or did it start suddenly and precisely on day?

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I can't remember a specific day that it started. It had become less often as i grew older. I don't see a different world when i look out the window that was the strangest one. But I still feel like i don't belong here. My first real memory that i didn't blow off as whatever was in high school when it was night and i was in the body of a little girl trapped in my room all i could do was look out the window. I never know what my body should be just not this one. Is there a way to identify the emotions instead of just bad or good? How do i know when/if it's my imagination?

Hello again,

Ok, so its unlikely you are a 'walk-in', which happens when the spirit of one person leaves the body and another arrives.  They definitely know when it happens.

How old are you?  You might never feel like you belong here .. or it could just be part of the process you are working through.  Don't focus too much on it, focus instead on being the good person you are today, and do the same tomorrow.  

As to your experience 'being' the little girl .. there are two possible explanations - the past life memory of your own, or you had a ghost visit you who shared 'her' experience with you.  Being a medium, among other things, that is often how I 'see' what people's lives, and deaths, have been like.  I re-live it as if it were my own.  I have learned to separate other people's emotions from my own, because other people's don't 'feel' like me, or mine.

The 'this body' reaction .. is one you will just have to let go of.  This 'is' your body this time around, and accepting that makes life easier.

Identifying other people's emotions - the way you do so is how you probably chose to as a child. What defines a 'bad' emotion to you?  Perhaps you define it as 'something (or someone) to fear' and 'someone who is not frightening', which might be a child's reaction?  Look at each event and ask yourself 'what would I feel' in that circumstance?  And when you walk into a negative energy situation, how do you react?  Do you feel 'fear' or 'anger' or 'happy' or 'excited'.  I look at my reactions to get a sense of the feel of the energy.  I don't think I'm explaining that very well.  Think of it this - when I sense a ghost I ask myself 'male' (not like me) or 'female' (like me).  It works in the majority of cases.

Imagination or not .. how well do you trust yourself?  If you trust yourself, then when something happens its not imagination (unless you have a mental illness such as schizophrenia where perception is altered),  its just plain weird. LOL  It took me many years to learn to do that .. and I'm so glad I did.  The world is a wide and wonderful thing, full of strange experiences and glorious ones. Since I've stopped doubting myself its all got a lot weirder, but that's a good thing in my estimation.

Wishing you a wonderful christmas,
Love & Peace

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