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Brandi Elizabeth wrote at 2012-12-29 20:20:37
My baby died on 11-13-12. I've had very strange experiences since then. I found out I was pregnant about a few weeks after he got killed by a mean dog. He was trying to get back out of their fence after he was trying to protect an old lady being the little chi he is and got slung like a rag doll. My poor poor baby. He died in my arms, my husband and I were trying to get him to the vet for them to fix him. We're not the richest of folk, but we would have paid anything for any amount of time for my sweet baby to be with us. He died in my arms to the song sweet child of mine by guns n roses. It felt like my heart had been ripped apart and stamped on. I have since made a video with the background music to that song. Also a lot of pictures until the song ends, I kinda just threw all the pics in there, didn't mess with any of the effects, and it fell together quite lovely the pictures to the song. Anyways, he died looking into my eyes the whole time as I held him and told him I loved him so much while looking back at him. I feel so bad he had to go through any of that, I wish we could have saved him.

Anyways, a little background info, I didn't have a dog and I wanted one. I felt a need for one. Koda was a very neglected dog. He was depressed, didn't know who to trust, better yet, didn't trust anyone at all. For years I tried for him to come to me, but it didn't work, he was always so scared, staying about 5 feet from anyone that got near, until I caught him, or at least, he let me catch him, and my nephew told me I could have him. I loved him right away. Oh how dirty he was when i first got him! And how much he looked like he had cried. He had stains on his eyes from crying with that look like "help me! life isnt worth it." I kissed his little head and held him and coxed my fiance and landlord into letting me keep koda bear. This was the best decision I made my entire life.

Brought him home and had the most enjoyable times I've ever had and love this dog more than any other dog in the world. He was my sunshine. He literally reminded me of a little sun pup. I love him so much. He was the best dog in the entire world. These words don't explain hardly enough of what he was to me. I loved him an equal amount to air. My baby. He was my child. Everywhere I went he went, except for a few occasional trips to the store. I was happiest, I didn't need anything else in the world.

Going on, I know his spirit is either with me or i am crazy. One day, I went to go to the bathroom at night. I'm home alone at night, with our pit bull, Amber who was Koda's lover. My husband works nights. Anyways, in the middle of going to the bathroom, the t.v. switched on. yes, you heard me right, switched on. There's no remotes for this t.v., so I don't see how its possible. No one was outside, all neighbors asleep. this was only the start.

Then the other night I had a dream. It was a weird dream, but made me feel so good. I unburied and saw Kodabear. He was dirty and he has stitched on his heart (he got torn apart by his stomach and had no teeth keep in mind.) He was perfectly in shape, just dirty and  had a scar on his heart. He also had all his teeth! I had a little container of rectangle pill foods, I took the e one, and fed it to Koda. I think they were some kind of vitamin. He took it from my hand and crunched it up ever so gently. I felt it. I don't know what kind of dreams they are called where you feel things that happen in them, but I've had some similar to my sister that passed away, where she gave me a hug on her birthday and a cupcake, and I had forgot it was her birthday. We buried Koda by my sister, just to say.

The last one sort of scared me, I was touched. The emotions felt physical here. I was recording myself singing on my computer. I sang songs before and after I sang sweet child of mine to see what i sounded like. I listened to all of them. Sweet child of mine, it was weird. It was like a cd skipping then slowing down and gave me a deep voice as it slowed. This was a day or two after the dream. Also, it was last night, I couldnt listen to it all by myself, so I waited for my husband to come home.

Do you see where I'm coming from. I know he's still with me and I want to get another dog because I just feel lonely. I need a cuddler, but kinda think he will be either mad or jealous. I have always been a very spiritual person, I am super spiritual, and I know this is him.  

Lynn wrote at 2014-06-03 04:16:34
My english mastiff just passes. I feel so blessed to have shared our lives together. He is gone and I feel him here. I hear him too. Charlie is the love of my life. Im so worried heis sad because im not able to adorehim physically or verbally.  He just sees me weeping holding his belonging. I just want charlie to have everything he deserves.  A greating from my family in heaven and all affection till we meet again. Im sick over it..

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