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QUESTION: Hello,I'm suffering knocks behind walls at random time since 3 years,some times lot some times little,we changed house but its in new house too,in so worried and suffering since 3 years, spirit casts spells at me like lot of spite,stomach fills with unknown fluid and mostly stomach makes gas and face color gets darkened time to time,I am taking antidepressants and sleeping pills to sleep and got too obese becouse of it so please tell me parmanent cure to stop my suffering,also I feel my mind wide open and someone reading it and turns my thinking into reality,  H E L P. FOR GOD SAKE5 B4 I CHANGES UP MY MIND AND SUCIDE! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! ITS BEEN 3 YEAR'S. HOW LONG THIS THING WANT ME TO LIVE LIKE THAT?thanks to medicine it keeps my mind shut and jammed but if I stopp medicine I slowly lose control of my mind till I go insane and in rage,I lose ability to stop thinking and my mind keep thanking and generating random thoughts like evil,disgusting,religious andbad.I'm sorry I've wroten large message but I have to tell you because you might be my only hope,if you say to recite quran,bible etc well lose cosentration and that thing disturb me way too much using public to cast disturbing anoying spells on me,I'm used to be muslim but since that evil thing came in my life I left my religion for my own good,I tried even christanity and jewish religion too but none worked,now I'm ready to be anyone if it helps me get rid of these evil spirits and voodoo spells being casted on me forever.I'm just got too sinned to try various things to get rid of it without knowing the outcome so I give up hope and dream of afterlife and live whatever life I have left with peace,joy,freedom and without fear of oppressors,I wish and hope this message reaches the right person somehow who might help mail is  .please reply and save new!  tc and bye

ANSWER: There are two things you can do here. One, is get an investigation done that can confirm any paranormal reason that is happening and look for ingrediants in your home that could be bothering you. Maybe the activity isn't connected to you but from some object in your life. Medical reasons can be tied to contaminated drinking water as well as impurities in the air. The other thing is to see medical attention and tell them what medications you are giving you and if they are not working. A doctor can give you medication to resolve your medical afflictions. The wrong medicine can cause all sorts of things to occur especially when used with other medicine. Unfortunately, I'm not an investigator nor a psychic; my research is mostly limited to the history of activity like yours and what was the solution and stop to those cases. I hope this can help you.

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QUESTION: my dear collin,I am taking medicine to run away from ghost and doctor is the one who gave me.I am mentaly sick becouse of strong paranormal activity.I do hire a exorcist or paranormal expert but I can't because I'm in arab country where folks hardly believe in ghost or evil spirit crap and I dnt think there are exorcists here or there might be but I can't easily able to find them this is why I shared my problem here with you,since you say its out of your expertise so I have to stop searching cure and useful information here,before I say bye I do like if you share my problem that is being told in previous message with your friends or some paranormal expert will be apreciated by me,take your time to ask around,I'm not in hurry,if you found a cure or info than please do reply again otherwise this is good bye. tc pal.

I'm sorry for not fully understanding your predicament. I did not know it was hard to get help there. My only hope is you can maybe find a location elsewhere where you can get the help and relief you deserve. Truth is, there is no easy quick help to these kinds of problems and solutions often takes several days or weeks for absolute resolution.

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