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Hello. I recently went to France to visit the grave of a close relative whom I've never met. His grave is flat, so I was lying down on my side. At first, my skin touching the grave was cold (this was in winter) but then I felt a distinct burning. It became so uncomfortable, I had to get up. Later that day, I removed my clothing and saw bright, long red burn marks ONLY on the parts of my skin which touched (through clothing) the grave. My husband witnessed this, but unfortunately neither of us thought to take a photo at the time. By morning they were gone.  Have you ever heard of this happening, and if so what is the meaning? Is it the spirit's way of making a connection (since I never met this person in life)? Any info on this phenomenon would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Cathy

Hi Cathy,

First I've ever heard of someone receiving a burn from contact with a grave. Most times a grave site is a pretty peaceful place as far as my experiences has shown me. Barring an insect stinging you which might have caused what looked like scratches by your body's reaction to the sting, I'd say you came in contact with something not very nice if you know what I mean. Now please know when I ask this that I'm not trying to be rude; was the relative for lack of better words "evil" of heart? Mean, angry anything like that? That side of the world is ripe with bad spirits or entities. That is an older part of the world.

I wouldn't have you be concerned over it by any means. The scratches went away the next day and you've had no other problems, I'd say chalk it up to something not liking your visit. :) Not talking about your relative of course. Notice I said someTHING as opposed to someONE. :)There truly is no logical explanation barring a bug bite reaction or getting frost bit (assuming it was THAT cold which doesn't make sense as you were laying on top of the grave. Stands to reason if it was that cold you wouldn't feel like lying down for any time.

Also if it was someTHING, it is not necessarily tied to your relative. Graveyards house people of many different backgrounds and lives. Could have been a bad guy attached to another grave and was just bored and thought it'd scare you. I do not think that it was anybody trying to make contact with you or leave you a message other than "get out" or something of that nature by something of that nature. :)

In any event I hope you enjoyed your trip to Europe and please feel free to follow up with me if you have more question or if you need me to clarify.

Thanks and Have a Great Weekend!

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