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QUESTION: My dad died in January 2007. We were very close at one time, but we had "issues" later. He died of a heart attack/drowning and we never got to say "I love you and forgive you". I got very sick later that year and spend six days in ICU under quarantine. I was scared because the doctors kept telling me how bad my prognosis was. After my third surgery in two days, I was coming out of anesthesia and disoriented. I was also feeling very sorry for myself and scared. Suddenly, I heard a voice as clear as a bell tell me to get up, change the damp sheets on the bed and stop feeling sorry for myself and to "suck it up". I thought it was the head nurse talking to me, and I managed to get up and do what the voice told me to. When the nurse came into the room and saw me sitting on the fold-out couch by the bed and the blankets and sheets on the floor, she very sternly told me I could have ripped out my stitches or torn out all of my IV's. I told her what I thought she had said to me, and she said it couldn't have been her, since she was just starting her shift. No one else was in the room; my husband had finally gone home and it wasn't him. After asking anyone else who could have come in to speak to me if they had done so, they all said no. I started to realize it was my father's voice - the gruff Army officer who always made us kids fend for ourselves and do the right thing. Was it him? Was it my imagination? I was pretty heavily medicated, but this command was so clear. It also was a turning point in my recovery and I improved from that point, despite the experts telling me I had a very slim chance at recovery.

ANSWER: Hi Bonnie,
I never got to say goodbye to my father either, and he died of a heart attack. Your story touches me. While we may never know for sure, I personally feel like our loved one's who have passed watch over us from time to time, and provide us with a stimulation that is certainly a sign of their identity. From what you told me above, I believe it was your father, doing it the only way he knew how. Sternly and with force. It is a sign that in many ways he still watches over you. The fact that you were sedated may have made it easier for him to come through. Either way, while we may never know for sure, listen to your heart. It is often correct in these type of cases.

Good luck and thanks for sharing your story.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your prompt response and also your validation that what I heard and felt was from my father. He was such a strong force in my life, and I miss him very much.

While I was in Maine for his funeral, my siblings and I had a chance to go into my parent's house (I had never been there because I couldn't face his possible rejection - and I live in VA#. The feelings stirred up from being in their home for the first #and only# were overwhelming. I was so moved I couldn't eat and ended up getting sick in the same bathroom my father died in six days before. I felt his presence like a tangible touch, and I cried for a long time on their bathroom floor. I was very embarrassed when I finally pulled myself together and went back into their dining room. It was lightly snowing outside #Maine in January - who knew?# and I sat back down at their big dining room table. I felt I was being watched, and that my father was right beside me. It was spooky. We drove back to our hotel and came back the next morning. I had my camera with me, and took pictures of their bedroom, living room, study and den. The last place I went into was their summer kitchen. My dad always did the dishes if my mom cooked, and I wanted to take a picture from the window above the sink from several angles. I brought the camera back on the plane with me and took the camera #it was one of those disposable types) to have the pictures developed. When the pictures finally came back, everything appeared to be normal until I looked at the ones taken in the kitchen. There is a blue haze around the window, and the one I took panning to the left had a dark shape among the trees that stood out with the snow that had fallen the day before. It was not a "scary" shape, but it seemed to be sad - if that makes any sense. I sent a copy of the picture to my mother, but she didn't see what was so obvious to me. It was eight months later when I was hospitalized, but I really thought I was seeing things.

I am a scientist. However, after 35 years in this field of study I have seen, heard and felt many things. I base my reply on my experiences, both the one's I have personally felt, and those related to me. The fact that you have unresolved issues with your father's death is a two way sword; he also has issues. And while you can never reconcile them physically, you can do so spiritually. Tell him its ok, and say what you would have said if you would have had the chance. Find a quient place to do this, maybe one special to the both of you.

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