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QUESTION: The reason I am asking a new question is because it wouldn't let me add to the other.

I am happy you recognize me as an adult, although I have not lived this life for very long. Thank you for that. Haha I should hope so!

That you know of... Well I can speak for a few people when I say not every one likes being treated like some interesting anomaly to be studied. I am not suggesting either of you does this, but others do. You can never really be sure of peoples motives...

I have been practicing. Not breaking things, that could be expensive with the luck I've been having! But Over the weekend I turned on the microwave from across the room, then later popped the circuit after a bit of concentration. And this morning I managed to turn of the street lamp over my bus stop while a block away and turn it back on once I was with in touching distance! I know those are little, trivial things, but I feel some pride at this new control. Although... I am still getting shocked by random things.

I don't know if I have the right to call myself a Wiccan. I forget holidays, and things that I should do, in favor of what feels right. So I don't do the normal Wiccan things but I do dabble a bit. I have never, and WILL never touch anything Dark. Would you touch a rabid dog knowing it could kill you? No. All I do is keep the barrier around my house up and running, communicating long distance to someone with out speak (freaks him out every time), a teensy bit of divination, the occasional "meditation", and a bit of scrying. Nothing that could harmfully effect me or anyone else.

I am glad you are checking all the bases, that is reassuring. I can tell you are asking respectfully, which is half the reason I am showing similar courtesy. I am usually rather snarky and I have issues with authority.... So I hope I am being helpful to your understanding of all this. And thank you for trying to help, i really do appreciate it.

Blessed be!

ANSWER: I do try to give credit where credit is due. :) You carry yourself as an adult, speak as an adult and that is good enough for me. :)

I have not heard back from the professor yet. I expect it might be some time as he's also a personality. I'm glad you were not insulted by that as I want to give you the best answers I possibly can or find the best answers I possibly can for what's going on with you. :) The difficulty with a scientific study is that to study something scientifically you must be able to recreate the phenomena. And my goodness you are getting pretty good at making "something" happen on "demand".

I certainly don't want to make you sound like I want to make you a guinea pig. lol By no means, God forbid. :) But if we could find someone who has done more research on this phenomena and only had the challenge to be able to recreate the phenomena on demand for it to be studied, then you may be in a position to help thousands and thousands more who are going through the very same thing you are. Minus the glass breaking of course. lol You are special in that regard were it something you would ever be inclined to participate in. Right now I do not know of any that is going on or any that is even in the works. But as you seek answers as to the why and the what, it would be a good place to continue of your own accord. But there is not a lot of interest in mainstream science because of the dilemma of not being able to truly have a steady phenomena to obtain information from. And you are very wise regarding understanding that motive is often difficult to discern. In this above I hope you will give me lenience as I am merely "thinking out loud". :)  

It's absolutely fascinating though that you have any semblance of control over it. Very intriguing.

I'm not big on authority myself. :) But your refrain from your natural, as you put it, snarky tendencies speaks well of you and again of your maturity.

Now, I'm going to say something that you may be a little put off by. But I say everything I do on here and in my personal life in love. (Except when my computer freezes and then I hang love on a tree for a moment until I adequately express my avid frustration with it's performance. lol) I want to make it extremely clear that I'm not trying to be insulting. But I want you to be VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (I think you get it lol) cautious in dealing with Wicca. You are wise beyond your years so this you may understand; sometimes a dog can have rabies without any outward signs. Be very careful of hidden dangers in things that you would might otherwise understand as harmless. The devil is very cunning. He doesn't come in a hideous form. Says in the Bible he presents himself as an "angel of light". A beautiful visage if you will. I would wait til you are about 25 before you delve into it. Here's why. As smart and as wise beyond your years as you are, and you probably already know this; the judgment centers regarding consequence is the last part of the brain to develop. And it isn't fully developed until that time.

You may be exposing yourself to dangers that you do not know are dangerous. Or you might not see a "invisible intent" to slowly draw you into darker things a half teaspoon full at a time. I myself am a Christian as if you've read any of my previous answers I'm very forthcoming with most of the time. And I would encourage you openly to seek out that path. I've counseled a great number of people now. Who were deeper than you are into it. And many decided that they wanted to seek out the path I now encourage you to; that of a relationship with Christ. But speaking from experience, I can tell you that it was all well and good while they were in it; but when they decided to depart for a different path; spirit guides, angels and other ethereal counselors to these people began to show a different nature to them.

I have butted heads with some of these powers. More than I can count truly. I know a great deal more than what I can go into on here right now. I'll just close with the way I brought it up; and that is to be careful. Be watchful. Don't get too deep. Look at everything in the spiritual world with a suspect eye. If you want a way to test the spirits, as you should; I would suggest you memorize the Ten Commandments. Once you know them by heart, when and if you come into contact with a spirit, simply begin to recite the Commandments. If they are good, or of God, then they will begin to repeat them with your. If they are not of God, or of the evil one, they will protest and depart from your presence. It's a way of stripping the mask that evil entities may try to cloak themselves with. They can manipulate their "physical" appearance, but they cannot mask their nature. And it is those Ten Commandments by which those fallen ones are going to be judged in the end. As it reminds them of their punishment to come they will not have any part of hearing it as they do not like it brought up.

A rabid dog that isn't symptomatic (as it takes rabies several weeks to manifest outwardly) is in large part more dangerous than the obviously rabid dog. For the obviously rabid one you know to stay away from. But you might not shy away from a cute pooch who is not showing.

Again a thousand times again, I mean no disrespect to your practice. It's simply that as someone who deeply cares for anybody and everybody that is placed in my life through this or another means; I feel compelled to look out for people. It's just a drive. If you were insulted in any way which I understand if you were; I pray that you would forgive my delivery and know that each word I speak I try to do so out of a genuine love for people.

Sorry if I went off topic too. I just try to go with what flows out. :) It's with an humble heart I ask of you your patience.

God bless,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have very little to respond with at this time. Because I am trying to be polite.

I am not sure if you are implying my practice is more "dangerous" than yours. But that's what it feels like to me. I do not care for that. Not one bit. Churches and their rules make me sick. I do not mean to be rude, I'm simply telling the truth.

I have never so much as held out my hand to a dog that didn't like me. I do not make rash choices when it comes to things stronger than me. I know if a dog doesn't like me. I know when someone has ill intent towards my self or someone I love. I FEEL in the way you see.

I have been practicing for as long as I can remember, I have no "Succumbed" to your idea of "evil" and I have not even felt it. Not while practicing. But I KNOW what evil feels like. I know to avoid it and I so not like when people tell me their beliefs are "safer".

I hat to tell you this, but I am a bit of an Atheist. I do not believe in your God, or his son. Not in the way you and other like you do.
I will not stop practicing things that are in every memory I own, to learn words carved into rocks so long ago they words have changed a thousand times over. I will stick with the words I know in my heart.

I know one thing for sure. If evil DID come to me... i would not accept it. Evil can not TAKE you unless you accept it. So I am fine. I believe I have had my questions answered and I thank you for your time.

Blessed be

I realized that might be the case. Mine is not safer for there is no danger in it whatsoever. Yet the power behind the power when it comes to witchcraft is evil personified. Again, I'm not speaking of something that I'm guessing about or have a hunch. Now, as you said you are not actively pursuing it. Which if we can come to any even ground I encourage you to simply not. But we must all follow who we will and what we will. To convince you I couldn't, nor would I try. Simply share is all that I can do in protection of those who come to me as I did with you. I assure you there is no ill intent on my part. The way I see it is this; as I've come to know Him to be all powerful, I believe that if He wants to reveal Himself to you through whatever means; then He will. I don't want you to think that I'm working under some mandate to convert you. Simply sharing the wisdom of my experiences.

And if it makes you feel any better, God is not at all pleased with the churches that you don't like either. His command is to come out of them for He no longer dwells in those places for they no longer represent Him. His Law (the ones in stone that is) however doesn't change; and in truth doesn't really lead to a bad life. Certainly the physical consequences of lying, cheating, jealousy, etc are universal and the avoidance of these things is pretty much the fundamental principals of goodness. :)

However all that being said, that suggestion to learn the Ten Commandments was none a mandate either. I again was bestowing upon you the benefit of my experience as again, I have dealt with evil that you can ascertain with the 5 senses and I know exactly what it responds to and per adversarial "conversations" with defectors through my dealings over the years, I know WHY they respond in that manner. I wouldn't ask you do abandon your beliefs simply based on my advising. My big point I wanted to get across, which all I can do is tell you my experience; is that they mask. They can block your psychic perception of their intent and identity. They are lower level entities but they still operate on a higher plane than we are bound to and they have manipulatory powers when it comes to recognition and manifestation.

I definitely wasn't implying that you weren't able to discern evil when confronted with it; I was and am simply saying that there are different agents of evil and just as they have different characteristics they operate in different roles. Just as any military there are ones like generals, officers, commandos and higher class rank and file soldiers (these are the ones you are most likely going to notice) but then you have your infiltrator class. Your spy class. It's the infiltrator, subversion agents and spy class that I'm warning you about. These will even go to the extreme of sounding like your own voice in your head, the more powerful ones. And if you don't know the tell tell signs, it's easy to miss and chalk it up to your own thoughts. Especially thoughts of hopelessness, suicide, depression, etc.

My apologies in earnest as I may have yet again offended; but know that it's not in a spirit of "I'm better than you." or a "You better do as I say." I've simply had a library of knowledge imparted to me through my dealings with the enemy and my relationship with God the Father and God the Son. The information contained therein, or some of it, I imparted to you as I honest and truly only seek the best for you and I don't want to see you get hurt either. Which I think at least you can at least appreciate good intent though we may be on different pages.

Cj, I wish you nothing but the best; it's been a pleasure speaking with you even though we part on different pages. I'm glad that I was able to answer you the questions I did and I hope you took something away from it that you consider fruitful. Your ability (be it intent or passive) is something I haven't ran across as referring to the glasses breaking. I'm glad I was the recipient of your question as if someone else ever comes to me I can at least let them know that they are not alone in their phenomena. Which the feeling like you are alone in something is the worst. Again I wish you the best. My door is always open should you have any other questions or if you ever want to know anything about my path, that too I will be glad to share. I spoke openly and from the heart and hope you take no anger with you toward me. And never forget the way you said you came across me. Seems like there was some orchestration there somehow.

Until such a day as our paths see fit to cross again, in your words,

Blessed be.

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