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This started a few days ago. I was putting away a glass dish and it broke. But the weird part is that I wasn't touching it when it broke. It was sitting innocently on the self! Then on new years eve I was in the kitchen with my mom and she handed me a glass dish, which promptly broke upon contact with my skin. But just a few minutes ago I was sitting at the kitchen sink washing my hands and a glass exploded. There is no other word for what happened. It was sitting on the shelf one moment. And the next it was in a thousand little pieces all over my kitchen! I have lived in this house for almost eleven years! Nothing like this has ever happened before! What is going on?

Here are some of the reasons why this happens:

In other words, long term use increase tiny fractures in the glass, until they accumulate to the point where it just falls apart.  We've all had these experiences. :)

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