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For the last few months when I get up in the middle of the night there is this green flashing light that always flashes either at my feet or eye level when I got to walk out of my room. It was not connected to my smoke detector and could not see it coming from any kind of window. Last night I was awaken by my daughter yelling from her room so I get up and the green light flashes at eye level by my door, I go to her room and she is sitting up in her crib and keeps repeating "make the light go away mommy". I then see the green light to my right by her doorway but again, it sort of flashes real fast. I then pick her up and carry her to my room and it flashes right before I enter the room. It is more long or line-ish in shape and is very fast, it doesn't linger. I've never felt any presence before but last night felt terrified, especially knowing she saw it and I saw it in more than one location. Can you tell me what this might be and what I can do to get rid of it??

Hello Brie and thank you for writing. This may be a spirit energy, I can only go by the details given. Energy can show it's self in the form of light, also known as an "energy orb". They are captured on camera and video from time to time, many people capture "dust orbs" on cameras and think they are energy orbs, but are just dust particles. But if you are seeing this flash of color and cannot find a logical explanation for it, it "MAY" be an energy orb. But without a picture or video and cannot say 100%.

If this keeps repeating, you may want to try and snap a picture or set up a video camera to record while you sleep, you may find a logical source for the light? I know they sell green lasers that are very bright, many kids fool around with them shining them in neighbors houses, we investigate a case like that several years ago. A youngster from the neighbor hood had been shining a laser light into the clients home and they thought they had ghosts.Not saying this is the case with what you are experiencing, but we must rule out all possibilities!

You may also want to contact a paranormal group in your area if it continues and see if you can get any answers.
But if you happen to capture this light on film or camera, please let me know.

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