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QUESTION: Hello Ama Nazra,
I came across this site through a search engine, and noticed a question similar to mine regarding piercings (Piercings, tattoos and aura). My question is what damage would a navel piercing cause to the aura and energy points, and hence what in your opinion is a good way to heal the aura? Also, would you have recommended further reading on the topic of healing auras (I am new to this subject and there is so many writers to choose from).

I had my nose pierced in 2010 for a year and it has 50% visibly closed. I have my navel pierced for nearly ten years and took it out today as I felt a discomfort. I have commenced a organic diet for a year, progressed to a vegan diet the past week and for a new years resolution have started meditating. I think as a result my body is more sensitive, such as to piercings.

Thank you for you time in reading my question,
Kindest regards,


ANSWER: Hello Jenn,

A naval piercing lies between your sacral and solar plexus chakras.  It is like putting a rock in a river, it interferes with the natural flow of energy between those two points.  Depending on the impurities within the metal, it has a larger or smaller influence - so choose metals that are very pure (or at least well tested), like good quality gold or sterling silver.  Anything that interrupts the natural flow of energy sets up a form of resistance, and can have the effect as, for example, water has as it runs around the rock .. the water tends to dig down deeper around something blocking it.  In the human body this resistance might cause illnesses within the area being affected.

Auras are generally self healing, if we treat ourselves well on the mind, body and spirit level.  Eat well, sleep well, rest, exercise, good mental health, commonsense .. is all is really required.  Having a shower each day and allowing the water to run 'through you', rather than just over your body, also helps.  Raking the aura, which is best done with a friend, although we can do this ourselves, is done by holding your fingers like claws (think what a garden rake looks like) and pulling them gently through the aura .. from the top of the head to the ground .. with the 'intent' of clearing the energy.  Each person does it for the other.  The interest thing with that technique is that if there are any blockages in aura, or holes, the other person will generally be able to feel them.  Do it slowly, be gentle.  The receiver will also be able to feel what the person is doing as they do it.

If you want to learn about energy I would recommend books by Barbara Ann Brennan - "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging", Reiki .. Mari Hall and Diane Stein.      

The vegan diet is supposed to refine your energy and make you more sensitive.  Be careful to eat enought to sustain your body.  Some vegans end up looking like prisoners from concentration camps.  It is not a diet that suits many people.  Meditating also raises and refines your energy.  I recommend you learn energy shields, if you don't already know them.  This planet is not all 'friendly energy'.  To that end check out my webpage  there's a personal shield that's easy to create, and very effective, there.

The other thing with wearing metals is that they are very grounding, given that their components came from within the earth originally.  The higher your energy, the less you would feel comfortable with their 'pull'.  Perhaps try some crystals as jewellery instead, if you wish to continue to wear it.  Rose quartz for healing, fluorite for balance, and tourmaline for grounding as required.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Just a follow up comment to say thank you for your advice as it was very helpful. I feel the shields are of noticeable use and at other time I find the Michael Invocation (posted in other Questions by users) to be of use also.

Regarding the latter I have a question, I feel that perhaps I live with something, I can feel it on my back, possibly taking energy, but I am not sure. It has been around for some months since I moved into a new place, today I asked firmly for it to leave but its still here, though perhaps now knows it is unwanted. I felt it's strength on me is less after the Michael Invocation, but it still entices negative emotion and clings to my back. Do you have any advice to firmly remove something from me that is attached?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge,


Hello Jenn,

Some entities can be a bit sticky, which is caused because we are curious about them, just as they are curious about us, and so when we ask them to be removed, some small part of ourselves isn't really sure we actually want them to.  

Whatever is clinging to you should not be there.  It is not there for your greater good, it was not a gift from God and its time it moved on, or better yet, returned to the atoms from which it was created.  To that end, focus on it for a moment, and only a moment, say goodbye .. and then put your attention on the Invocation again, and this time say it like you specifically want everything removed, even things you might not be sure of.  You might have to do the Invocation three times, once a day for three days, just to shift your consciousness, and the entity, but it will work.  

Hmm.. on the Michael Invocation page there's a link to an Invocation called Heart of Fire.  Go and do that one first.  Then do the original again.  That's a whole different energy.

Love & Peace

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