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I believe my husband's spirit has been with me since the day he died. I lost him suddenly on July 21st'2012. The evening he died, I heard his voice whisper in my ear that was against the pillow, "Love." Then there were lights flickering at the wake and after the funeral. My old fridge needed to be replaced and for no reason it began leaking water on the floor, it stopped once I ordered another fridge. Since then, I have seen what I call a "watery" image, not solid or dark, but transparent, and only in the sunlight or the light from TV, lamps, computer, etc. The TV will sometimes change channels and the receiver and TV in the livingroom will shut off every morning. I have heard answers to questions on an EVP program my daughter tried after we noticed these things happening. If I use my video camera in my bedroom (where he died) the light from the nightlight will by itself grow bigger in response to my questions or emotions. I also smell a scent of something like linen or maybe the outside. I love him dearly and am a bit afraid it may not be him but something dark. I have had nothing bad happen in almost 6 months and feel completely safe. He is with me wherever I go, home, the car, anywhere. Please give me some feedback. I love my Tom so much and if it is him , it is a comforting feeling to know he loves me so much to remain with me, at the same time, I don't wish to cause him to not move forward in his journey if that is what he needs. Help, please.
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Hello Lilly,

My condolences for your recent loss. I know you're anxious about this paranormal situation in your home. First, if you have doubts about what's there, especially after engaging it with EVP communications and receiving answers, you already know it's not your husband.

You are being mislead by another spirit that I believe has come into your life from somewhere you went while dealing with your husband's death and funeral arrangements. This is a female spirit using your situation to get attention. Not everything you're experiencing is paranormal. Some events are just environmental so don't assume otherwise all the time.

Get this spirit out of your house by telling her to leave because you cannot help her except to say she should go into the Light. Explain that any in case she must leave your residence. I pick up the name Teresa and she does have a negative edge to her as misleading you with contrived voices is her intent. She was murdered. Tell her to go and do not engage her with any other communication. If you continue to seek EVP responses, something will always respond back even if she's left. Don't open this astral door in your house!

Your husband passed quickly to the other side. He visits but would not make himself overtly noticed over and over in an intrusive or scary way. You may pray for a personal and unequivocal sign from him, but it will be subtle and totally positive - perhaps in a dream, an irrefutable awareness of him near, etc.

I'm picking up that if he could talk to you he would say to be brave and to forgive his behavior. He was desperate for relief. Have faith in yourself.

Please heal quickly and find peace with his passing. Do not seek the paranormal. God will send the supernatural signs to you in loving spirit when it's the right time.


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