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I see Things out of the corner of my eye all the time. Altho for the past few months I have been hearing knocking at my front door and my windows but no one is there. My kids has heard it the dog has heard it. What could be going on? Only one time it was in the house banging on my bedroom door

Hi Kelley,

  I learned somethng today. As I don't text very often, I had to look up what "idk" meant - ironically, I didn't know.

  Corner of the eye observations are very common when people are reporting paranormal phenomena. There are several reasons for it but the usual one is how the human eye operates. Obviously, many reports of paranormal phenomena deal with visual encounters, such as seeing shadows, apparitions or "corner of the eye phenomena". It was only natural that to do my job correctly, I study and learn about the workings of the visual system. Without in depth study, I'm just a "ghosthunter". I will try to explain this without going overboard on details. Human vision is complex. We use different receptors for different conditions. Good lighting activates the cones (photopic vision) and allows us good color perception and acute, or detailed, images. Rods are activated more when the lighting is dim (scotopic vision). Rod vision obviously, due to lower light, has to be more sensitive. That sensitivity comes at the expense of both color reception and detail. As color detail lessens, objects take on more of a shadow appearance (which explains a majority of the reported "shadow people"). Corner of the eye vision also excites the rods to a greater degree than the cones. This explains why so many experiences follow the lines of, "I saw it out of the corner of my eye and when I turned my head it was gone." Please remember that in reality vision is a bit more complicated than what I answer here.

  Rod vision was important to us in our early development from animal to human. It was more important to our survival that we see when a potential danger, a tiger for example, was to the side of us. It was not important that we see fine details such as the gloss of its coat or the color of its eyes but rather that we reacted to the danger. Side vision didn't have to be as detailed as forward vision that was used when running or hunting; where finer details are needed. However, the other side of the coin would indicate that because the corner of the eye is more sensitive it is, therefore, more likely to see an apparition. This may very well be true in approximately 5 - 10 percent of the reported phenomena.

  Another thing that can cause corner of the eye phenomena is the misfiring of neurons in the temporal lobe of the brain. No - you don't have mental problems - everyone has had misfired neurons on occasion just as everyone suffers from hiccups once in a while. However, there are those who have a greater degree of sensitivity in the temporal lobes to electromagnetic fields than others. This sensitivity can trigger optic hallucinations, and one of the most common is the reporting of a shadow or movement from the corner of the eye. Another factor is what happens to the eyes as they age. What I wanted to do here is to let you know that there are indeed logical physiological reasons for the visions. That is not to say that what you are seeing is not paranormal in essence.

  To look for the logic behind the bedroom door banging I will look to possible drafts or changes in pressure. Doors often shake, rattle and roll when they are shut but there are open windows in the house or another place for a draft to enter, such as a chimney due to an open damper in a fireplace, or the wind blowing down an exhaust vent to the furnace, or even from the roof/attic. The knocking is actually caused by the door moving back and forth within the frame. Another cause could be due to the shrinking or expansion of joists beneath the door. Often when a joint or joist contracts or expands due to changes in temperature or moisture a tap-tap-tap-tap-tap is heard. You reported that the noise started a few months ago - so did winter (weather wise). Changes in temperature from day to night could easily account for the noises. I will take an educated guess that you are hearing the noises from late evening into the early morning hours, from 8pm - 2am. These are the times when the most contraction/expansion would be heard and the times when it is quietest in the home allowing one to hear the sounds better. As for the front door, again wind blowing on it can cause either the front door or the screen door to rattle in its housing.

  With the amount of information that I had to work with, these are the best explanations that I could come up with. My first reaction is that you have nothing to worry about in the lines of the paranormal. If the activity increases or changes you should contact me again, but for now I think that you are ghost free.  I wanted to answer to your situation as I saw it and not jump to the conclusion that this is paranormal. My focus is to help you, not to make the situation worse by allowing you to think that there is something amiss in your home. Scaring you or causing unnecessary worry is of little help. Again, if things change for the worse, please let me know.

  Take care,  

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