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Thanks for answering my previous questions, you wanted to know more about my spirit guide, well my spirit guide is a woman and she has been with me ever since i was a kid, she is more like a protector to me, but i think something else is following me, something evil, you were right about saying that something bad happens when i get upset, i tried to control it but i can't, can you help me, i don't want to hurt anybody, i can't keep hurting others with my mind.

Dear Edna,
        How are you?  Hop you are good. The best way to control is doing meditation. Through meditation we can learn more about our self. We can learn to communicate to our spirit in a different way. We believe that the spirit has all answers to our question but most of us donít know how to communicate.
  How to meditate.
The best time to meditate is morning or before bed. I prefer dong meditation at least three times a week. Take a cold shower and then wear something light and silky. Go to an empty room or face to a white wall about three feet away. sit down on the floor and place a white candle in front of you. Look at the flame about two to three minutes and close your eyes. Try to imagine or see the flame. Relax and empty your mind. Think nothing but seeing the light. It will helps you to open your inner mind.
         I know it is hard but it will help you. I do this everyday of my life and gave me strength and courage. After you learn how to empty your mind I will teach you how to communicate with your spirit in a deep level.
   Donít worry about anything. You can not hurt anyone with your mind. Everything happens due to a reason, it is not something that we can control. You have a blessing a great power, So I will teach you how to use it for good things. How to control and enhance your power. How to bring great things to others life.

I hop to hear from you soon.
God bless you.
Mathew, S

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i will be able to answer any questions about spirits and haunted issues. i will not predict any ones future in any case. i am trained to block or release the power of supernatural entities if the entity is unwanted or harmful to anyone. i will only do the service to people who believe in God (no matter what religion but absolutely not in devil or black religion. I will not accept any money or gift. MY address 1782, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA


i have done many cases in India and was very successful. i am a absolute Roman Catholic believer. i will not use any electronic devices to practice in this field. but i am willing to consider the details collected by electronic devices.

i am trained in India for about 15 years under few great teachers. I am still practicing and learning more about changes in spirit world level seven in depth.

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