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When I was 12(I'm almost 21) my friend and I saw a name written on the staircase outside of the middle school gym. It said "Black Phantom" in black sharpie, later that day my mother's car broke down on the highway. And that night, I had a dream about a tall black man(not African) in a trench coat, we was bald and had no eyes. Ive tried to search that name later but it must have been painted over or something. In the most recent years Ive been having some weird experiences(one seen by my fiance) they include sightings and prophetic dreams. The sighting by my fiance was one night that he couldnt sleep and I was, he saw a black"portal" open up in the ceiling surrounded by a circling dragon and the portal was filled with beings with teeth(we called them dreameaters) and the dragon entered my left temple. My fiance is a very heavy sleeper, and normally doesnt remember any of his dreams. And the most recent thing that happened(Wednesday night the 2nd) I had a dream where I was sleeping(really unusual) in my sister's old room(she hasn't lived here for more than 10 yrs) and a voice was talking to me, I woke up to the sound of something stepping on my pillow(Im a very light sleeper, practically insomniac) I opened my eyes and didnt see anything so I closed them tight. I heard the same thing a few seconds later, and looked up(I was sleeping on my side) and saw a large black orb with tendrils, I didnt feel fear or anything and immediately lost consciousness. But it felt like the Black Phantom, and my fiance is in school to be a psychologist and he cant give me an answer. Everyone else Ive talked to about this "phantom" says its neither good nor evil, but there is no reason for me to be haunted. Ive had no traumatic experiences and no one close to me has died. My question is why all these occurrences with no rhyme or reason? And who could this Black Phantom be?

Hello Alyssa and thanks for writing. It seems as if there is alot going on during "sleep time". So I will base my answer on sleep related Phenomena.
A lot of times our minds are very open when we sleep, pretty much all our "earthly" beliefs that bound us are inhibited. Meaning we are more open to the spirits and our environment around us.
I am not too concerned about the "Black Phantom" name you seen, that may just be coincidence and not be related, so I would not put to much energy into worrying about that. Also, if that is stuck in your mind it can and will create problems in your dreams, so try and put that whole name out of your mind and consider it coincidence for the time being!

It seems with these dreams as well as what your Fiance is experiencing may be some kind of energy where your at and not necessarily related directly to you, hard to tell as i can only go by what you provided me.
As far as this "Black" apparition you are seeing, could be someone trying to get a message across and not necessarily evil, as I am not one to believe in Demons and the like.I have been researching the Paranormal for some time and have yet to come across any demons or other worldly entities.
So i think this may be related to something within your life and the energy is rubbing off in a sense on your fiance.
I definatley suggest you look into sleep related thought patterns and the like!
Here is just one of many links to get you started, I am not saying it is Paranormal nor am I just writing it off as a sleep problem, there are so many thing to be looked at!
Let me know how you make out!

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